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10 Successful Strategies to Get Over Your Ex

LonelyJust when you thought that everything between you and your partner was perfect, disaster strikes.

Break up!

You are now the ex.

All of a sudden, everything that you have built comes to a shuddering halt as the end of the relationship rolls over you like a dark storm cloud.

No more snuggling in bed, no more romantic weekend getaways, no more intimate dinners, no more whisperings of sweet nothings in each other’s ears.  Everything is gone! The only thoughts going through your head are about how to get your ex back!

Breaking up with the one you love is a very painful thing. But remember you are not the first nor the last. There are countless poems and get over your ex songs written by others just like you. Break up is a part of life.

When it happens, you feel like the entire world has turned its back on you. Joy and happiness have departed.

Reality suddenly seems to be very unfair.  Pain and suffering intrude, followed by self-pity and a deep feeling of deflated self-worth.

But are all of these feelings and emotions normal?

While it is perfectly normal to feel bad, you must not let a break up ruin your life.

Yes, moving on is never easy, but there are many ways for you to  move on, get over your ex and mend your broken heart!

How to get over your ex…


Release your emotions. One reason why people are unable to move on quickly is because the bitterness inside them is trapped. Try crying your heart out and you will be amazed at the sense of relief you get.

Don’t Pine for a Reunion

Don’t beg for a second chance. When your partner says done, accept the reality. Some people live on hope for a get together again but some relationships are not meant to last. They are a part of your life’s education. If you want to get over your ex fast, what you need to do is totally disconnect. No more messages, phone calls, emails. If you want to get over a break up… just move on. I truly realise this is easier said than done!

Stick With Friends

Unlike lovers, family and friends are for keeps. Though you may never realize this, your friends are the people who you can rely on when you need comfort and company. If you are suffering a breaking up phase, make sure you have friends by your side to share your feelings with. They can see the situation without the emotional cloud and can support you in your time of distress.

Spoil Yourself

YetiWhen a relationship break up occurs, and you are down, try pampering yourself. Have a hair makeover, relieving massage, or buy some stuff. These are diversions but they can divert you from your pain. An adventure holiday is an excellent diversion. For guys this is a great way to get over your ex girlfriend. Go on a Yeti Hunt!!

Rearrange Your Life

The song says “After you go, I’ll have a lot more room in my closet”. Others have been where you are and are looking for the positives. When you suffer a breakup, you have to clear out your old mindset closet and set new life priorities. And this includes a physical cleanup too. It’s amazing how much lighter you will feel once you have decluttered your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Time Heals

Time builds a strong relationship foundation. It is also the best tool when it comes to moving on after your relationship ends. Time will eventually heal all the wounds of the breakup. One day you will look back from your secure and mature position and smile knowingly and sympathetically at the wounded soul you were.

Remain Optimistic

Being optimistic means  looking at things on the brighter side. So who cares if they’ve gone? You still have your life with your family, friends, job, your pet, and yourself. The end of any relationship is the start of a new beginning. All you have to do is change your mindset to positive and good things will start to happen.

Have Fun

It is normal for people who experience break up to find no reason to smile and have fun. But if you want the best way to get over your ex and to get over it fast, you have to build a strong heart. Never allow break up to ruin who you are. Have some fun.

Having fun does not only make you forget that you’re hurting, it is also a good way to tell yourself that life can be enjoyable with or without your loved one.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

With break ups, the dumped one usually ends up the loser. The loser is the one who will suffer the most and have the difficult time getting over it. If you want to move on from a painful break up, grab the driver’s seat.

Motivate yourself in all possible ways. If you want to get over your ex boyfriend, don’t be bitter and angry. Nothing is more unattractive! Just remember that the person who broke up with you is really doing you a favour.

Damage Control

Getting over a break up with a loved one can cause significant damage to you if you so allow. Throughout the whole process, you are faced with feelings and thoughts that can degrade your personality and character.

Self-pity and the feeling of lack of self-worth are just a few of them. Do not allow the situation to swallow you completely. Take steps to stop the damage that has already been inflicted and ensure that you’re still in control. Try techniques such as EFT, hypnosis and meditation. These all help you get over your ex by reducing stress and releasing negative emotions. You can then regain balance and happiness.

Learn From It All

Take heart from this break up song… Smile by Lonestar

I’m gonna smile, cause I want to make you happy

Laugh, so you can’t see me cry

I’m gonna let you go in style

And even if it kills me I’m gonna smile

A wise break up philosophy is “Where you are is where you are meant to be”. To be fully appreciated, life needs it’s ups and downs. To get over your ex is a challenge. You are experiencing emotional growth and it is up to you how much stronger you become in the process.


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