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50 Secrets about Men Every Woman Should Know Review

 50 Secrets about Men Every Woman Should Know Review

 50 Secrets About Men by Anandi Peters is much more than a book about “how to get a hot guy”.

It’s about creating a relationship with yourself first, so that you effortlessly attract the right kind of man.

Not just any man.

The right kind of man… not the “same pattern, different face” kind of relationship rollercoaster that many women are stuck riding.

What this book will NOT do:

  1. Tell you where to find Mr. Right
  2. Give you 50 killer tips on how to dress for dating success
  3. Magically transform any woman into a guy magnet (You CAN become a guy magnet, but “magically”? Not so much!)
  4. Tell you what to look for in the perfect guy (lists can help perpetuate old patterns – and Mr. Right may not come in the package you expect!)
  5. Give you false hope

You may have heard, “all change starts within” but if you are still convinced that all you have to do is change what you wear, hang out in new places and kiss a lot of frogs (how’s that working for you so far?), then this book is not for you.

This book is for women who are ready for that inner transformation.

What 50 Secrets About Men WILL do:

  1. Teach you to look within to find the hidden thought patterns that are keeping you single, and teach you to upgrade these beliefs (and actually embody them):
    •  Your mindset of self-defeating thoughts like “the good ones are all taken, I don’t know where to find him” will change to “he’s out there and ready for me, too; we will find each other.”
    • Your self-limiting beliefs like “I’m not worthy of a great guy, I’m not lovable, I’m not attractive enough,” will change to “I am worthy of true, unconditional, romantic and perfect love. I am perfect and complete and I deserve to give and receive love.”
    • The energetic ‘vibe’ you are putting out there such as “depressed, clingy, afraid, desperate, hopeless,” etc. will change to “upbeat, happy, confident, strong, optimistic and available (to the right guy).”
  2. Teach you why you are repeating the same self-defeating patterns, attracting the wrong men, or even failing to attract any at all
  3. Teach you to change the nature of your inner ‘romantic universe’ and your relationship with yourself; uncover the unconscious blocks to love that you are putting up because of your beliefs about love
  4. Teach you to change the way you perceive yourself, relationships, men and love
  5. Teach you to master your mind and emotions so that you become a conscious co-creator of your relationship experience; this age-old wisdom is most often applied to creating wealth and the ‘ideal life’ but it is equally applicable to relationships
  6. Teach you to use the Law of Attraction to invite the right man into your life by teaching you to radiate the right ‘vibe’ that will attract men – the RIGHT men
  7. Give you confidence, raise your self-esteem, improve your self-worth, make you realize your true nature as a gorgeous, complete, strong, healthy, vibrant woman who is worthy and deserving of true love… and make you truly READY for love
  8. Teach you to use your intuition to discern whether he is “the right one”, when you meet and start dating
  9. Teach you 50 secrets about men: how men think, what they want and need, what their priorities are, how they are conditioned to act a certain way, what they look for in women – this understanding will help ensure a healthy approach to men and relationships

50 Secrets About Men   will open your mind like no relationship book ever has. It’s not a “look outside for your soulmate” kind of book; it’s a “look inside, identify what you ‘see’ in your mind’s eye and your heart, align the two, and attract him.”

Ultimately it’s more about creating a relationship with yourself that will attract the right man, than it is trying to fish him out of the sea… because, you know, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

Some of the concepts within the book will challenge everything you know to be true about relationships, men and women… even everything you know to be true about yourself.

If you approach the lessons in this book with an open mind as well as an open heart, and honest willingness to do what it takes to master your own inner world – meaning, doing the exercises as suggested and not blowing them off looking for the magic pill… then you will create the energetic environment to effortlessly attract the man of your dreams.

Simple exercises

The exercises in the book are simple, easy to do, yet very profound and when done correctly will create a powerful inner shift that will open the doors to love. IF you are willing:

  1. to be challenged about who you think you are
  2. to put in some effort into upgrading your beliefs
  3. to change the way you see the world

… then you will be successful at attracting exactly the man you have been dreaming about your whole life.

Is the process easy? It’s not any harder than being single. And it’s more rewarding.

Does the process work? Yes, if you approach it with a genuine desire and a genuine intention for it to work.

All single women… even if you secretly hold a belief that there is nobody out there… even if you believe that the situation is hopeless… even if you insist that you LIKE being single but secretly wish for love to come knocking… even if you ARE desperate and feel lost and incomplete without a partner… even if you worry that you will never find the right guy… take heart. He IS out there.

And 50 Secrets about men will help you attract him.

He is just as ready for you as you are ready for him. Are you ready to invite him in?

50 SECRETS ABOUT MEN is written by Anandi Peters, a life coach and yoga and meditation teacher who has for the past ten years, helped women find happiness, love and self empowerment.

Reviewed by Jarmila Gordon, author, who focuses on personal growth, Law of Attraction, spirituality, meditation, the power of the mind, brain science, sports psychology,  and healthy living.

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