In this powerful book you’ll be given the secrets to using the Law of Attraction to create unconditional love, respect, intimacy and trust

Let Me Tell You Exactly What You're Getting

This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read because it gives you 50 easy to implement ways to create love and happiness. There is no fluff. I immediately get down to showing you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.


Here’s just a fraction of what’s inside …

  • How to transform your relationship from lifeless to passionately vibrant and prevent the heartbreak of separation or divorce [see page 19]

  • The solution to stress and frustration from constant bickering and disagreements
    ____ [see page 16]  

  • How to reconnect with an ex and take these simple steps to reignite your lost love
    ____ [see page 28]

  • Fun, inspiring ways to communicate with love, trust and confidence so your partner
    ____ becomes your best friend [see page 8]

  • How to find deep, profound and everlasting love, friendship and respect with your partner

  • ____ [see page 21]

About the Author

Hi there…

My name is Anandi and I love helping people find happiness, harmony, passion and ease in their relationships.

Whether your relationship is in turmoil and has stalled or you are just wishing for more intimacy with your partner… my books can help you!

I especially enjoy showing people how to raise their vibration so they can give and receive more love and laughter in their relationships.

And I’ve used my many years experience as a yoga, meditation and EFT teacher and relationship coach to give you the 50 best tips to creating a life of love and happiness


  • I'd love to connect with you:

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