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6 Easy Ways to Get Back With Your Ex

6 Simple ways to get back your exBreak up with your ex?

Have you had a string of unsuccessful relationships?

Are you often disappointed  when your relationships don’t seem to work out?

It’s time to have a look at what you’re creating in your life and how you can change it. If you want to create healthy relationships with others and form a long lasting, loving partnership, then it begins with you.

Before you go on that first date you need to look at yourself. How do you see yourself? Do you accept, love and respect yourself? A healthy relationship begins with you!

You need to care for and be kind to yourself before you can provide these things for someone else.

The Law of Attraction always brings to you a match to how you are feeling or vibrating. If you feel good about yourself then the people who come into your life will also feel good about you and themselves as well. This is essential for a good relationship. Consider your interactions with your ex. Did the following steps apply?

Tips to get your ex back

1. Learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally without being self-righteous or arrogant.

Using a technique like EFT is a great way to acknowledge your negative thoughts about yourself and then to tap on meridian points to remove those emotions. This helps replace negative thoughts and judgments with positive supportive ones.

2. Let go of blame if you have been hurt in the past. Once you understand how you create your own reality and that the vibration you emit is responsible for all that happens to you, then there is no need for blame. Whatever happened in the past, you created it as part of your life journey and now you can let it go.

3. Look after your physical health with regular exercise, good nutrition, and rest.

The more you feel good in your physical body the easier it is to feel happy and optimistic generally. Exercise will elevate your mood and if you have a fit, strong and attractive body that radiates good health, this will also be very attractive to others.

4. Don’t abuse yourself with tobacco, coffee, drugs, alcohol, or other substances that could hurt you or others, or impair your judgment. If you’ve used these substances in the past to help you through troubled relationships, then the Law of Attraction is only going to keep bringing the same type of people into your life.

5. Treat yourself (and others) with respect, kindness, and compassion. ‘Do unto others as they would do unto you’ is a time proven axiom that works. Your kind, compassionate vibration will attract other people into your life who also have these characteristics.

Imagine and feel how it is to be in a relationship with a loving, supportive and generous partner.  Is this how you felt with your ex?

Now you know how the Law of Attraction works, you can create this too.

6. Start to challenge your thoughts and any unhealthy perceptions of yourself.

Step out of your habits of thinking and consider new ways of looking at yourself and your relationships. Acknowledge that all human beings make mistakes (that includes you), but are capable of improvement and growth.

Now you have the blueprint for creating new, happy, healthy and long lasting relationships.

If you are on the right track and think you need a little more assistance to get your ex back, perhaps a more detailed step by step plan, then read my book  ‘Bring Back the Love of Your Life’ and discover the keys to complete happiness in all your relationships.

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