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8 Most Frequently Asked Relationship Questions

Relationship problemsI believe you already know the answers to any relationship questions or problems  that seem to exist in your life. All you really need to do is trust yourself and listen to your own inner guidance.

There is no such thing as ‘getting it wrong’ with relationships.

What would you have learnt about walking or talking if you were never able to make a mistake as a child?

Q1 Are they interested in me?

There really is only one way to find out if someone is interested in you, and it isn’t asking a friend or a friend of the person you’re interested in. Ask the person directly and find out for yourself!

Relationships involve some element of risk at the beginning but that’s what makes them so worthwhile to be involved with.

Even if you ask someone out and they are not interested you’ll gain in confidence and become stronger in your convictions.

 Q2 Why won’t they commit to me?

Often due to negative beliefs and experiences, some men can become commitmentphobes. This does seem to apply more often to men than women. Before you get further involved you should work out if he is ‘just not that into me’ or a genuine commitment phobe.

Some of the telltale characteristics are that they are in a constant state of emotional conflict with behaviour that is often insensitive, unpredictable or bizarre.

Check on their past history in relationships. Any relationship problems? If there is a string of short term relationships or even marriage problems with a history of infidelity, then listen to your own inner warning signals.

Q3  How to deal with controlling relationships?

The need to control comes from a false belief that that’s the only way to get what someone wants from a partner. It indicates a lack of trust in each other and a lack of postive communication skills. But in reality, whether they want to control you or you want to change them to make you happy, this line of thinking is ultimately doomed. The only way to be free from this tangled web is for you to ignore the behaviour that you don’t like and start finding ways to really enjoy your life regardless of the behaviour of others.

Q4 Why don’t they trust me?

Example: I’m worried that my partner might be cheating on me and so I check up on her all the time. I do this because I wrongly believe I won’t be able to cope if she IS cheating. I’m worrying myself  over something that’s not going to happen ‘just in case’.  But if I believe in my self and trusted myself to be enough, I’d be far more likely to trust my partner. If she ends up cheating then I’ll know I’ll be able to cope and know it’s her and not me.

Q5  How far should I travel for love?

Long distance relationships can work but it takes a high level of commitment and excellent communication skills to keep both partners happy.

Do you have the level of maturity and insight to understand both your needs and your partners?

 Q6  Importance of sex in relationships?

I like the way the Law of Attraction suggests how to match up sexual desires.

Think about your desired sex life in strictly positive terms and avoid focusing on what you don’t want. Focus on what you want and how it feels “I want a cuddle everyday because it makes me feel happy and content”. Not “I want my partner to stop being so demanding in bed”.

The Law of Attraction runs on positives because the Universe can’t compute “no” or “don’t”. By focussing only on what you enjoy and recalling a positive emotion, you are able to keep a positive vibe going. Then the vibration that you send out is the samr one that comes back to you.

So if you want more cuddles, then give out plenty and watch what comes back to you.

  Q7  How do I learn to trust again?

Relationships bring risks and rewards and there are no guarantees.

A good wedding proposal would be “I love you very much so let’s get together and see how it works out”.

You can’t know how a relationship will work out but you can plan to focus each day on appreciating all the aspects you love about your partner. By reminding yourself each day why you love this person and ignoring any little irritations, you will be able to creat a loving environment where your relationship can thrive and grow.

 Q8  Should I leave them?

All relationships take work, focus and commitment. They should also be a great source of happiness and contentment. If it feels like all work and no play then it could be time to reassess where the relationship is going. The decision to stay together or break up is a serious one and you need time and space to make the best decision.

A good tip is to quieten your mind and then place your hand over your heart. Gently breathe in and out while bringing your focus to the area around your heart. As you breathe out feel any anxiety, frustration or anger flowing out and away from you. When you are feeling calm and peaceful ask your inner guidance to give you an answer.