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9 Effective Ways to Build A Long Lasting Marriage

9 Effective Ways to Build A Long Lasting MarriageThe first years of marriage are the most fun and so exciting.

During this period, couples always see the positives and overlook any negative aspects of the relationship.

If only this kind of atmosphere and positive vibration could be maintained, there wouldn’t be so many failed marriages and divorces.

However, experience tells us that many couples fail to build a lasting relationship simply because they allow sometimes quite insignificant differences to get in the way.

Here are 9 effective ways to build a long lasting marriage.

As you read on you will realize that all of these marriage tips are actually just simple things that anyone can start practising.

Reinvent the Spark

Love is the main ingredient of marriage. When a partner starts to lose the spark, that’s a warning sign. In order to combat it, both the husband and wife must find a way to stoke the fire again. If you observe that your partner seems to be aloof and you suspect love is slowly going cold, you must think up some strategies to bring back the warmth.


  • Invite your partner on a romantic date to the movies or a nice restaurant.
  • Take a short vacation to a quiet and peaceful beach or resort.
  • Retrace your steps to places where you have had fun together.
  • Take an adventure where you have to rely on each other and share some magic moments

Give Space

Though it seems a little contradictory, giving your partner a little space can be very beneficial. There are certain activities that either of you may not like. For instance, the wife wants to go shopping while the husband wants to go fishing. Allow each other to have free time to do the things you love separately and be interested and encouraging of your partner’s independent interests.

This is really an effective way of establishing trust with each other that lays the foundation for a long lasting marriage.

Innovate and Spice Up

Couples whose relationship lasts for the rest of their lives are those who are quite adventurous and innovative.  There will always be times when life together can become boring so finding other things to do, hobbies, sports, gardening, travel, exercise. Get outside and have fun with your partner.

The trick is simple, just do something that you don’t normally do.

And make sure you’re having fun doing it, and, you’re together doing it.

Constant Communication

The most effective tool for a lasting marriage is communication. Healthy arguments, laughter, sharing of concerns and problems, differences of opinion and resolving them are the key pieces in the puzzle of an enduring relationship.

Never forget to appreciate and talk to your partner. Remember also to listen and everything in your marriage will be just fine.

Little Things Produce Big Results

Bringing your wife flowers or even inexpensive presents that show you are thinking of her will bring appreciation and a very positive vibe.

Men on the other hand are usually very easy to please.

Lasting marriages are characterized by the little things each partner gives to each other.

Ensuring Trust

No relationship will last if trust is lacking. Partners can build trust through time. It is earned over time and for a marriage to endure trust and personal responsibility are essential.

Always Look at the Positive Side of the Argument

Healthy argument and disagreement with your spouse is a part of growing together. Your thoughts won’t be the same and your opinions will often clash so expect this to happen and look at these clashes as positive aspects of your life together. Problems will always be part of a marriage and that can lead to disagreement. Nevertheless, always appreciating the brighter side of any dispute will make the relationship even stronger.

And then there’s always “make-up sex”!

Fall in Love Over and Over Again

They say that love is sweeter the second time around. This may be true but maintaining the love you have for many years is the sweetest. The secret to a happy marriage is being able to find ways to keep yourself in love with your partner.

Use the marriage tips I have given you and you will reap the benefits of a loving and long lasting marriage.

Practice Makes Perfect

The last thing you need to do is practise all the things I have just mentioned.

Marriage advice is great, but you do have to put the suggestions into practice.

Remember, it takes two to tango.

Share this post with your spouse to build a marriage that will last forever.


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