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Allow the Law of Attraction to Bring You a Loving Relationship

loving relationshipYou want a loving relationship and all to be, happy and harmonious with your partner – right?

So why are there so many unhappy people out there? And so many break ups and divorces?

What needs to shift for you to embrace your relationship, and love and enjoy every part of it?

The big reason is that we dance around the issues that are bothering us. We are distracted by daily stuff so it is only now and then that we think about what we really want in our loves.

What is a loving relationship like?

If we don’t really hold a clear idea of how we would like our perfect loving relationship to be, we don’t really hold the vibration of what we want in our body and mind with conviction.

When you don’t know exactly what you want, the vibration you emit is weak, unclear and frankly, mediocre. This wishy-washy energy sends out mixed messages and yields mixed results.

The Law of Attraction always brings you a match to your vibration and if you want a loving relationship with your partner you have to feel this with every cell in your body. And feel it often.

The first step is to recognise when you are complaining or criticising your partner. Use this as the prompt to become very clear about what you would like about your relationship, not what you don’t like. If you feel angry and resentful about something, use this to become very clear about what you would like. Hold the positive thought.

Maybe a candlelit dinner for two, or just hanging out talking about your day.

Whatever it is, you need to feel the happiness and joy that this situation brings to you when you picture it and imagine it happening.

What does a loving relationship look like?…Here’s a Law of Attraction tip

To enhance your focus on what you really want and to keep your vibration clear, use a vision board.

I’m a big fan of vision boards and have used them to help me clarify my desires and dreams. A vision board is just a board of any size covered with pictures that represent your ideal or perfect relationship.

The two reasons that vision boards are such a powerful tool for success are;

You will have to be specific about what you want.

‘I want a happy relationship’… sounds nice but is much too vague to light a fire under you and excite you with passion.

There are thousands of pictures out there that represent a loving relationship, but which specific ones inspire you?

Pictures have a way of converting all those thoughts in your head and the feelings in your gut into something very real.

Every time you look at your vision board, you will feel the emotional connection and present a strong positive vibration.

This will activate Law of Attraction love vibes

By having a picture or image to focus on you will become crystal clear about what you want. Your vibration will be tuned like a radio frequency to all your dreams and desires. The Law of Attraction then knows exactly how to match this frequency and start to manifest these dreams in your life.

Remember the Universe hears your vibration and not your words. When you emit a strong,clear signal, the Law of Attraction begins to work in your favour.

Start your vision board today. All you need is board, paper or even your computer or ipad.

Start collecting all your inspiring and thrilling relationship pictures and images and change your dreams of a loving relationship into reality.