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Astrology Love Advice For the Holiday Season.

MarsMars in Libra – Dec 7, 2013 to July 26, 2014

With Mars in Libra for the next 7 months (until July 2014), there may be conflict between your desire for harmony and the need for self assertion.

Mars and Libra don’t get on well. Mars is the self assertive drive and executor of the personal will, Libra is the sign of partnership and connecting with others. So, how does the planet of self/self-assertion act when it wears the clothes of social grace and social interaction?

You will all be challenged during this time to take into consideration other people and their needs in a particular area of your life. Your impulsiveness may be curtailed requiring thought before action, as well as using reason to deliberate over the right path to take when it comes to the needs of others.

Mars is the masculine principle  …. the thrust forward. It’s passion and sex. Mars is proactive and forward moving.  Mars shows how we assert our will and what we do when we are challenged. Mars is our energy…it’s the drive that gets us out of bed in the morning and instills excitement and eagerness to make something happen. Mars helps us to define boundaries and defend ourselves. Mars by sign shows how we go after what we want.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign. Being Cardinal it tells us that Libra initiates, takes the lead, and seeks control in Air sign matters. Air is the element of the mind, ideas, social interaction, and idealism. Libra observes the rules of social interaction and takes the lead in enforcing them. The indecisive nature of Libra is an outgrowth of wanting to do the right thing. Libra thinks about wants based upon the information presented, rather than relying on in depth self reflection and self awareness.

A week before Christmas, Mars will aspect Uranus which may create some havoc over the holidays …. you may become more reckless and irritable than usual.  There can be power conflicts and enhanced irritability that spill over into family gatherings. Long simmering resentments may rise to the surface. However, with the Libra influence, it will reduce the Mars energy from explosive behavior to one of powerful truth telling and resolution.

And so you ask, how can I use this astrology love advice? How do I work with all this energy?

The best thing you could do is release or reduce any expectations of others and just let go……which can be easier said than done!

Release the need to force your will and/or your expectations onto others, especially in your romantic relationships.

Keep active so that the Mars energy can be channeled and released and doesn’t build up in ways that can challenge your personal interactions.