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Bring Back The Love Of Your Life Review

Bring Back The Love Of Your Life Review

Are there persistent problems in your relationship?

Are you are facing separation or divorce?

Do you want to reunite with a lover who has already gone?

If so… take heart.

You have come to the right place.

Bring Back the Love of Your Life  is much more than a book about how to bring back your ex. It’s about understanding yourself.

How is understanding going to bring back love?


When you understand why your relationship is on the rocks and what prompted your lover to leave, you can take the necessary steps to mend the relationship, bring your lover back and create a stronger bond than ever before.

Relationship books come with certain expectations based on teaching people to communicate and voice their needs and desires.

Bring Back the Love of Your Life does that, and much, much more.

The subtitle reads, “A Magic Formula and Strategy for Rekindling Love and Restoring Harmony in Your Relationship.” Is it really magic? Well, yes – but the magic doesn’t come in a puff of smoke and sleight of hand. It comes from certain knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge.

When you’re in the middle of relationship turmoil, it’s easy to point fingers and sling blame – even at yourself – but it is far more difficult to look within.

The essence of this book teaches you to look within for the source of the problem. This does not in any way imply that the breakup is your fault. There is no ‘fault’. There is a situation that was co-created by two people with no understanding of the core reason for their problems.

Bring Back the Love of Your Life will take you out of the “why is this happening to me?” victim mindset and transform you into a strong, wise, compassionate, loving and understanding person. One who is mentally and emotionally able to apply and embody a powerful formula that will take the relationship off life support (or even bring it back from the morgue) and rekindle the flames of passion, happiness and companionship that you both enjoyed at the beginning of your relationship.

What this book will NOT do:

  1. Teach you to emotionally manipulate or guilt your lover into coming back
  2. Tell you how to change your behaviour or the behaviour of your lover
  3. Give you a magic pill that will instantly fix everything (yes, there is a ‘magic formula’ but the magic lies in the process of coming to a certain understanding and the application of that knowledge, not the uttering of some mystical incantation)
  4. Give you false hope

If you follow the steps outlined in the book; if you do the exercises with an open mind and love in your heart; you WILL get positive results. Period.

The formula is simple and elegant, and it works. But you have to be as committed to improving yourself as you are to saving the relationship. You can’t put a bandage on your relationship by changing the way you behave around each other. Eventually, bandages fall off.

If you’ve tried and tried to save the relationship, you must be frustrated by now, thinking that nothing is going to work and the relationship is doomed.

But it’s certainly not if you get to the root cause of what went wrong… and that means looking within.

Bring Back the Love of Your Life is not for men and women looking for a quick fix. It is for men and women who are ready for that inner transformation and a permanent solution.

What this book WILL do:

  1. Teach you about the reality of cause and effect
  2. Teach you how to instantly lift your mood so you can get through the difficult times in a relationship
  3. Teach you that you are the creator of your life experience
  4. Teach you about the power of thoughts and emotions
  5. Teach you how to ask and how to receive
  6. Teach you how gratitude changes everything
  7. Give you confidence, raise your self-esteem, improve your self-worth and make you realize your true nature as a truly wonderful Soul who is worthy and deserving of true love.
  8. Teach you the “Art of the Relationship”, at the heart of which is communication
  9. Teach you to see your partner in a new light and most importantly, see yourself in a new light – the light of love, compassion, understanding and kindness
  10. Teach you to become the person your lover is (or was) attracted to in the first place: to amplify those qualities and make yourself exactly right for him or her – this doesn’t mean changing for your lover (that never, ever works); it means letting him or her see you the way he or she used to see you; and vice-versa

Bring Back the Love of Your Life will open your mind like no relationship book ever has. The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. This book will delve deep into that relationship and help you identify the self-defeating beliefs and perceptions that have you looking at your partner, and your relationship, in a way that actually encourages a breakup.

And again, there is no fault here. It is a matter of teaching both partners the art of seeing, or the art of perception.

Prepare to be challenged in ways that encourage growth and empowers you. Everything you ‘know’ to be true about relationships and yourself is about to be shaken up and restructured in a way that encourages love and togetherness.

But, you have to be ready to put in some effort. Approach the lessons and especially the exercises in this book with a genuine desire to fix the problem from within and to create the energetic environment for a loving, honest and open relationship… and the rewards will be way worth it!

If you’re willing to release self-limiting beliefs and create self- empowering beliefs…

If you’re willing to change the way you see your partner, your relationship and yourself…

Then you are ready to rekindle those flames in a way that is lasting and healthier than ever before.

You will get through the turmoil. You will feel better, I strongly believe this, just by taking action on what you’re about to learn. Even if you are in the depths of despair, and believing that all is lost… it’s not.

Your partner wants love, just as much as you do.

Bring Back the Love of Your Life will help restore your relationship and improve it, creating a strong and forever, loving bond.

BRING BACK THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE is co-authored by Cucan Pemo and Anandi Peters – relationship and life coaches who have been helping people for the last ten years find happiness, harmony and true love in their lives.

Reviewed by Jarmila Gordon, author, who focuses on personal growth, Law of Attraction, spirituality, meditation, the power of the mind, brain science, sports psychology, and healthy living.

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