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Can You Attract The Perfect Partner If The Good Ones Are Taken?

vibrateDo you believe all the good ones are taken?

It’s the classic confidence-destroying thought … “All the good ones are taken.”
Well, that doesn’t exactly inspire you to work on yourself so you can attract the perfect partner, does it? I mean, why bother, if all you’re going to get are “frogs”?
Thanks to popular movie culture, it can be hard to shake the thought that you’ll be swept off your feet when you least expect it, by someone that comes out of nowhere in an exotic location – you know, like Tuscany or Bali – and you’ll live out some romantic fairytale love story.
And that would be lovely, except it rarely happens.
That kind of thinking simply means that you have told yourself over and over that anyone within your geographic reach is either not good enough, or taken.

It means that you believe that “the good ones” IN YOUR AREA are taken, and that you necessarily have to transport yourself to other parts of the globe just to find the right partner.
And now, that has become a belief… a belief that drives your self-talk, and therefore your feelings and actions. The resulting action? You stop looking.
Or more accurately, you stop attracting the one you WANT, because you’re putting out the vibe that the love of your dreams is not out there.
Well, here’s the problem with that belief. It’s actually two problems:

1. It closes you off to seeing that someone in your area can be the perfect match for you.

You’ve convinced yourself that (s)he must be in some far, tucked away corner of the globe, and so you’ve created a mental and emotional filter in your brain that literally BLOCKS you from noticing a vibrational match with anyone in your area. You know… because all the good ones are taken.
You know how when you’re buying a car, you suddenly see that make and model everywhere?
You never really noticed that car before now, because your brain can only handle so much incoming information – so it puts up filters that allow you to consciously see ONLY what is important to you. But now that you have chosen this particular car, it automatically becomes important to you and your brain removes the filter that prevented you from seeing it in the past.
That same filter is keeping you from seeing all of the wonderful people IN YOUR AREA who are so right for you.

2. You are not yet at the vibrational level you need to be at to attract the One you dream of. 

You are still noticing the “not quites” out there because you still have some work to do on yourself.
Your vibration, your beliefs, still are not a match with your desire.
You still don’t believe you are worthy of  The One you deeply desire.

If you say that the good ones are taken… you aren’t just looking outward but also stating a belief about yourself. It means you believe YOU are not a “good one”… because you are not taken.
You can’t argue with that logic, now, can you?
It’s a Universal law of attraction!

You can only attract what you vibrate!
If you believe you are not a “good one” then how can you possibly attract a “good one”?
That means that The One is still invisible to you. Even though The One might be the guy or gal you keep running into at the coffee shop… you don’t know recognise The One who is perfect for you because you aren’t a vibrational match. Yet.
When you reach that same high level of vibration, you will suddenly notice him or her, and the two of you will be instantly attracted (even if that attraction didn’t exist before).
So stop telling yourself the lie that all the good ones are taken.
First, YOU are a GOOD ONE.
Second, just keep working on making yourself even more awesome, and someone will appear, as if by magic, probably right outside your front door, when you least expect it.
Then you can go to Tuscany or Bali together.

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