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Dancing with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2013 on Oct 18

full moon lunar eclipseIf you feel like you’re running around with your head spinning, you’re probably sensing the busy energy of the upcoming Lunar Eclipses on Oct 18 and Nov 3.

Activity often increases shortly following an Eclipse or even prior to the Eclipse in some fashion. They affect us more intensely if we have a planet within 2 degrees of the Eclipse.

If your birthday is within 2 days of the Eclipse, it will be an important year ahead with major life changes. Eclipses usually bring major endings and/or beginnings, depending on where they occur in one’s natal birth chart. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2013 occurs Oct 18th at 25 degrees Aries (opposite Sun in Libra). The effects of this Eclipse will affect us for just under 4 months.

Lunar Eclipses are powerful Full Moons that are “course correctors’ and are meant to change your life often in ways that are completely unexpected. Since the Sun (Libra) and Moon (Aries) are in opposing signs (symbolizing Self and Other), there is an evaluation of all of our relationships.

It’s the yin and yang polarity that shines the spotlight on any loose ends. The moon cycle could well make you feel easily agitated with others at this time. It can be an invitation to just have a good old chat that helps to discard any outworn relationship behavior and patterns.

The Lunar Eclipse affects the mind and the emotions as it is connected with the Full Moon. Our peace of mind can feel a bit disturbed. Be aware not to make long term decisions during the current moon phase as the mind  is not working clearly.

It is a good time to do inner work, to meditate and reflect. Be mindful of the intensity of any arising emotions. Things may need to change from a deeper perspective in addition to taking positive action. It’s important to process any memories and emotions in order to bring health and light to your current relationships.

With the Lunar Eclipse in Aries, it’s better to sit on the fence, gather information and mull things over rather than race ahead impulsively (Aries) with a ME ME mentality. Look for alternative ways to make things work instead of acting as if there’s only one way to do things. This moon cycle is a time to free ourselves from rigid thinking and excessive judgement.

Suggestions for your relationship at this Lunar Eclipse this time –

Ÿ  Let go of whatever is holding you back in life

Ÿ  Move to a new level of awareness and insight by ending a cycle of experience

Ÿ  Make peace with the past, present and future

Ÿ  Be willing to confront your fears and your own darker motivations (your shadow side)

Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces Oct 19-20th suggesting unclear motives or actions. This moon cycle is a wonderful time to ground intuition and imagination in a practical manner. Mars in Virgo forces us to be more responsible and efficient, so it’s a time to focus on details, develop new skills and approach your relationship problems systematically.