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Find Your Life Partner Using the Law of Attraction

So many of us spend such a huge amount of time in trying to attract our special life partner to spend our future life with that we forget the most important part of the search.

life partnerThe secret in this quest is to make ourselves so attractive (on many levels) that the special person who we are seeking  begins to seek us.

There is a secret person involved in your search, and that person is YOU!

Let me ask you something.

Since relationship compatibility forms the core for our general happiness, doesn’t it make sense to really look at ourselves before we start choosing a life partner?

Let’s consider the normal avenues of a typical search for that special person.

  • Who will be my life partner?
  • I have a friend in Accounting, and she says she has a terrific person for me to meet
  • My hairdresser has a great prospect – and he says he is eager to meet me
  • I am going to the local sports bar – lots of good prospects there
  • My mother has just the right person – says it will be a perfect match
  • I am going to pray
  • I am going to change my wardrobe – I am going to look so hot…
  • There’s this person on my bowling team – and…

Now, when we consider the failure of so many relationships and such terrible infidelity and high divorce rates, do we dare try something more basic – and go deeper?  It does seem that the traditional avenues of finding a mate, such as the above, seldom work, if ever.

So, where does that leave us?  Well, we could look at dating sites. You could look for your life partner online. You know, they do claim great successes.  Every TV commercial shows smiling happy couples beaming at each other so blissfully. You would swear that something just happened only a few minutes ago.

You could try that!

Here is another thought.  Suppose instead of looking at the possible sources like we outlined above, why not look at the most important person in this whole equation?

Yep, that would be you!

You know that being attractive to the opposite sex always (well, almost always) conjures up things like:

  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • Body proportions

But, let’s take a good look at what being attractive means to the intelligent person.  Here we have the real qualities – not just the apparent attributes like above.  Face it, if that is all that is being offered, you are going to wind up with a real loser  and you sure don’t want that.

Look at yourself and examine and evaluate.

It is a fact that the Soulmate you are seeking is looking for someone with these qualities;

  • Self Confidence
  • Good Self-Esteem
  • Well Read – So you can converse on subjects other than the latest movie or antics of some lunatic celebrity
  • A good sense of humor
  • True, genuine interest in other people

Does this describe the person you want? Now, how do you find your Soulmate?

Here is the biggest secret of all. 

You don’t have to find that person.

Shocked?  Don’t be.

It is simple.  That person will search for you.  You know why?

It is because the Law of Attraction actually works.  Just prepare for what you want and that person will come looking for you.

How do you prepare?  This is the simplest thing of all.  You prepare by becoming that person.  You become the person we just described:

You just become self confident, acquire self-esteem, become well read, develop a good sense of humor and become truly interested in other people.

The trick is you don’t do this to attract your soul mate. You do this because this is who you want to be, and in doing so you will attract the life partner you want.

So, easy, and it is fool-proof!

Do it, and the person you want will find you!

Isn’t it interesting that the single most important person in our quest for a lasting relationship is not the object of our desire, but ourselves. We need to make ourselves into the object of their desire. Through the Law of Attraction, everything else then falls into place.