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Flirting Signs to Boost Your Dating Success

flirting signsIf you want dating success, you need to understand the process of flirting.

Flirting signs are a key way in which we initiate contact with the opposite sex.  If you know how to read flirting signs as well as send them, you are likely to have lots of fun and interesting encounters.

Flirting is where the initial connection or attraction is made or lost.

Have you  ever found yourself seriously attracted to another at first meeting?

Our physical attraction to someone is not a logical process. It’s often done on a subconscious or energetic level. Your vibration and the person you are attracted to, have matching vibrations.

Vital next steps

If you want to establish a connection which may move on to romance and dating , here are some flirting tips for you.

Even if the meeting remains casual, use it as a learning experience. The more you interact with others, the more confident you become and the more attractive you become to others.

Think of the people whose company you enjoy and their impact on you … are they quiet mopers or exuberant cheerful extroverts.

Now, if you are a female, you have to let it be known that you are available and interested but you have to be very careful not to be the chaser.

Males enjoy the thrill of the chase so don’t let yourself be caught too easily.

When you are seeking a dating partner you have to present as confident and not needy.

Playfulness is a feminine energy and is one of the non verbal flirting signs that is irresistible to men. If a woman is being playful, a man will feel much happier and relaxed in his approach.

Flirting Tips

1. Smiling is the easiest way to attract a man’s attention.

Look his way, start with a smile and hold the gaze for a fraction longer than you normally would. Wait a moment, then follow up with a second glance in his direction.

That should start him in your direction.

A welcoming smile will start the ball rolling.

2. For men, it’s all about making a confident approach.

You need to show in an energetic and fun way that you are different to the others. Forget the pick up lines which are blatantly false. Going up to her with a friendly ‘Hi’ and with a big confident smile on your face will do the trick just fine.

Once contact has been made, you should try to build rapport.

3. Rapport

This is a key element of successful flirting because it can create a powerful connection that helps you both relax. Rapport can be gained by subtly matching and mirroring the other person’s posture, gestures, expressions, tone of voice and even energy.

Also, try to use the same words or adjectives so that there is a greater relatedness in the conversation. Keep the conversation positive, and instead of focusing on how you feel inside, try making the other person feel comfortable. Other flirting signs to use are genuine compliments. Also, be curious ask open-ended question and listen to what is said.

For relationship success keep sending positive signals with eye contact and smiles.

Date Tips

If your flirting signs are not succeeding, your vibrations may not be matching. You may receive negative signals such as yawning, crossed arms and glances around the room. These are a good indication that you’re wasting your time.

That’s Ok. Leaving with a very positive “I have thoroughly enjoyed our little chat………” keeps you both in a positive mood which is essential for success.

Dating should be fun and accept that you won’t have 100% success.  But as top sales people say, every failure is that much closer to the next success.  Enjoy meeting others be it at work, shopping, the gym or wherever and make sure you practise your flirting skills and be aware of the flirting signs that are coming your way.

If you want to succeed at dating let your imagination run wild. There may be no such thing as the perfect life partner, but you can find the partner that is perfect for you.