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Full Moon in Leo Feb 14

Full moon in LeoThe Full Moon in Leo falls on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at 26 degrees Leo.

This is an action packed Full Moon with Saturn in Scorpio in a T square to both the Sun and Moon. The energy is about balance…….between the male and female energies….giving and receiving in a balanced way….taking action when appropriate…letting others step up and do their part in relationships. Saturn will be showing you where you have gone too far in your life.

The Sun and Mercury retrograde are both in Aquarius. On the other side of the polarity is the Leo Full Moon. Aquarius is an intellectually determined Air sign. Aquarius teaches us about the power of knowledge, facts and reason. Leo is a Fire sign and rules leadership, creativity and love.

The cosmic dance is to balance your heart with your head.

Find the middle ground in your relationships. Work to create the win/win with people. Live from your heart but be practical in your approach to your dreams and goals.

This Full Moon is associated with all energized states — heightened passions and emotions, sleep disturbances and strange dreams. The feeling often lasts for a few days before and after the exact Full Moon time. Everything becomes clearer and more intense under the light of the Full Moon – feelings and self-esteem can become quite extravagant and there may even be more focus to bring harmony and passion in the area of relationships.

Every Full Moon we are offered a chance for a new chapter in our lives –  we can plan a change, logically knowing something has to go because things are not working for us. Whether it is the way we look at circumstances or deal with problems in our own lives, transformation is available.

 And remember, the Full Moon is a good time to clean and prepare your crystals.

The energy of the Moon light washes away anything that is no longer needed.

I like to leave them out all night and into the next day so they can be charged by the early light of the Sun. All color gemstones can be cleansed by the Moon too, although you might want to be careful about leaving them in the Sunlight.  If needed, place them by a window where the light of the Moon can shine on to them. The day before the Full moon and the day after are also acceptable times to cleanse your stones.

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