Google + Accounts

To become a Happy Healthy Relationships contributor and to get Google recognition you need to have a  Google+ account.

Just edit your profile to include a picture as required by Google+ and then add in the “contributor to” section of your account as follows;

1. Go to your profile and click the About tab at the top of the page.

2. Scroll to the Links section.

3. Click on edit.

4. In the dialog box that appears, go to “contributor to”,  click  “Add custom link”, and then enter the website URL

5. You may choose to click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link.

6. Click Save.

To find the Google+ profile URL we need:

1. Scroll to the top of your profile page and click your profile image. A dialog box will appear

2. Click on Privacy. That will open a new page, Google Accounts.

3. Near the top and slightly to the right, you will see Your Name – Google Profile along with your picture and some profile info.

4. Look for the URL that looks like this

That is the link we need.

Thank you for taking a moment to set up Google +. Using G+ Author Verified gives you recognition and provides copyright protection for your work.