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How to Become a Law of Attraction Love Magnet

law of attraction love magnet

Is it possible to use the Law of Attraction to find the love of your life?

Yes….    Is it simple?  …  Yes.

Is it easy? … Honestly, not so much.

Don’t confuse “simple” with “easy.”

The rule  is quite simple … what you think and feel, (believe and vibrate), you will attract.

The difficulty is that many people’s beliefs and desires contradict each other. Their desires aren’t realized and this is why they believe the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

Well, it does.

The Law of Attraction always attracts what you believe.

For example, if you deeply desire a soul mate to share your life, yet you believe your search will be in vain because “the good ones are all taken”… then what can you expect, other than frustration and disappointment?

You can only attract what you believe, so if this is your belief, you can be sure to attract a lot of “frogs” or “witches” but not the perfect partner of your dreams.

Here’s how to use the Law of Attraction correctly

Change your beliefs to align them with the love you want to attract. Aligning your beliefs will allow you to become a love magnet for exactly the right person for you.

There is one great secret to attracting love

The secret is love itself.


That means, you must love yourself!

You can’t expect to receive love if you can’t give it, and that includes giving it to yourself.

Whenever you criticize yourself, judge yourself, speak in a self-deprecating manner, put yourself down, fail to take care of your body, your mind or your spiritual self… what does that say about your love for yourself?

That’s the wrong energy to be sending out, and that’s the energy that will attract its match in a person who won’t respect you, love you unconditionally or appreciate you.

Many Law of Attraction teachings will have you visualise your ideal mate, and get clear on exactly what you want.

That’s all well and good, but it is only a part of what is required.

What if your underlying belief is that you don’t deserve this awesome person you want to attract?

Spending time daydreaming about your perfect lover is fine… but again, if your subconscious mind is full of …  “all the good ones are taken, I’m not worthy of this kind of a person, I’m too old, I’m too introverted, I’m too shy, I hate going to clubs” … and other disempowering beliefs, your visualising will be for nothing.

So put that visualisation on the back burner for now.

Get your beliefs to line up with your desires first!

If your beliefs about yourself are aligned with the love you desire, the attraction process will become absolutely effortless.

You’ll look back on it years later and realise just how perfectly it all came together for you!

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