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How to Create a Heart Connected Law of Attraction Relationship

self loveWant to know the absolute, essential key to having the relationship of your dreams?

Here it is…

Learning to love yourself is the only way you’re going to attract the partner you’ve been dreaming of.

And if you’re already in a relationship, loving yourself is the only way you’re going to stay together happily.

Self-love is the vital key to a positive Law of Attraction relationship.

What is a positive Law of Attraction relationship?

The Law of Attraction says simply, “Like attracts like.”

If you’re a person with low self-esteem, you will attract a partner with low self-esteem. If you’re a person with low self-love, you will attract the same. So in order to attract a partner who will support you and bring out the best in you, you have to bring out the best in yourself first.

Sound counter-intuitive? It’s not. Start with loving yourself first, and watch yourself, your partner and your relationship improve before your very eyes.

You may be skeptical about the power of self-love. I’m not talking about the arrogant, narcissistic or self-absorbed kind of love. That’s not love, it’s a mask trying to hide insecurity and it’s very ego-driven. I am talking about real self-love: respectful, accepting, nurturing, open, kind, willing and unconditional.

Not many of us are that deeply in love with ourselves – but if we were… oh, if only we were!  Our love would shine so radiantly from within!

  • We would set healthy boundaries.
  • We would take excellent care of ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.
  • We would stand up for our rights.
  • We would voice our ideas, needs and desires openly and lovingly – making sure our emotional needs are met, and less concerned about simply keeping the peace by not voicing what we need in a relationship.
  • We would set realistic expectations in the relationship, knowing that we are already complete and whole, and that our partner can not be expected to change, or to fill a void that doesn’t exist.
  • We would see our partner through more loving, less critical eyes.
  • We would be more open to alternative points of view.
  • We would enthusiastically pursue our passions and our great dreams.
  • We would never compromise our values.
  • We would be happier with ourselves – not putting ourselves down, not feeling “less than” others, not feeling superior to others, happy in our own skin, being who we are. What’s more gorgeously appealing than that?

How is that going make your relationship better? Well… aside from being lovable because you love yourself, your attitude toward your partner will be better.

If you’re not in a relationship yet, you will go into it feeling comfortable with who you are, and not expecting your partner to complete you. He or she won’t ever be your better half but will be an equal partner.

If you are in a relationship, you will see your partner with the eyes of love, because that is how you’re used to seeing yourself. You will accept them for who they are, because that is how you accept yourself. You will feel free to express what is in your heart and mind without fear of possible rejection. You will not fear being alone, and so you will not be desperately clingy.

To love yourself, you must:

  1. Take care of yourself physically.
  2. Take care of yourself emotionally: speak only kind words about yourself and to yourself. Set and uphold boundaries. Speak up when you are being asked to compromise your values.
  3. Take care of yourself mentally: keep learning and expanding your horizons.
  4. Take care of yourself spiritually: meditate or pray, and connect with God or the universal consciousness in ways that resonate with you – by being in nature, through song or art, through good deeds and good thoughts.
  5. Every day, express in writing or out loud, at least 5-10 things that you love and admire about yourself.
  6. Every day, be grateful for your life.
  7. Smile at yourself every day in the mirror. Every morning, greet yourself with a big, genuine smile at wonderful, awesome YOU. And while you’re at it, say, “I love you” to your reflection!

In other words, challenge yourself to become the most awesome person that your partner (or future partner) falls madly in love with. Be the best you can be.

Then according to the Law of Attraction, you will attract the perfect partner and attract similar energy from your partner.

Your partner will (consciously or unconsciously) be inspired and they will rise higher as well. Your bond will strengthen, your friendship will grow and you will happily support each other as equal partners.

And if not – if your partner is not ready to evolve with you like this – then most likely, the relationship will end and you will be free to find someone who is right for you.

Authentic happiness isn’t something you’re going to get from outside yourself, not even from the perfect partner.

 The Law of Attraction is simple: like attracts like – so if you want the best, BE the best.

Love yourself.

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  1. I am disabled and a stroke victim
    whose now ex wife started a new job and started to excel and because I was unable to keep up because of my condition, she got rid of me to seek gain, leaving me trying to regain a hold of normal living and finding someone who won’t neglect or abandon me, keeping love of myself and positive vibes smiling thru my tears, ready for sharing love and progression together.

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