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How to Get Over An Ex Girlfriend in 10 Easy Steps

break up with ex girlfriendSome relationships are just not meant to be and your partnership was just a necessary learning experience for you.

After the pain of the breakup, how to get over an ex girlfriend is a subject that every man has to tackle at some time or other.

The moment you enter a romantic relationship, you have put yourself at risk of being hurt and dumped.

And the longer you have been together the harder is the breakup and there is more sorrow than sweet in the process.

There will be constant reminders of her and it really is not possible to forget everything in an instant.

To minimise your pain and suffering, here are the best tips on the dos and don’ts  that will help you to get over your ex girlfriend

 1. Ensure proper closure

Sometimes the stress of a disagreement or a betrayal or plain simple boredom can be triggers to a better relationship to come, or a sign it is time to move on. If your girlfriend has made it clear that she is done start the necessary steps to allow you to move on.

Don’t get caught up with the idea that you will be seeing her again tomorrow or the next day.

 2. End all contact

When women dump their boyfriends, they may give consolation remarks such as “We’ll still be good friends, I promise.”

Don’t expect that those words mean that you still have a chance. You have to have the fortitude to leave it…go away for good. Get rid of all the contacts you have with your ex, including phone numbers, texts, calls, Facebook, and others. If you want to get over your girlfriend, move on and never look back.

 3. Get rid of her things.

You cannot effectively move on if you still hang her picture on your bedroom wall. The letters and all the other stuff that have lasting memories of her must be thrown away or at least kept in a place where you won’t be constantly reminded of her.

4.  Don’t seek comfort from her friends

A woman’s relationship with her girlfriends is strong. Thus, when your girl dumps you, don’t expect her friends to give you comfort. In fact, if you want to get over your ex girlfriend really fast, avoid interacting with them. You don’t need to be hearing “I’m sorry about what happened” or “You’ll find someone else better” as constant reminders.

5. Avoid places you both shared

You may have had some places you went to and had fun. Avoid these as they are just reminders of the past. Get out of old habits and establish new ones.

 6. Don’t reminisce.

The word reminisce means remembering something that was pleasurable. If you want to get over your girlfriend, one way of doing it is to avoid and remove all those sweet memories you have with each other. It may help you to reflect on your differences, the things about her that you didn’t like and may have caused you future grief. But it is better to not even think of her anymore.

 Your main aim is; 

7. To get her out of your mind.

Women are so good at putting a lasting imprint on their partners, even after relationship is over. In order to break this connection, you have to erase any thoughts of her. Yes, you might still be lovelorn but make sure you use your head on this one. It’s over, move on.

And the way to do this is;

8. Go out with your friends

Friends are always there for keeps. They don’t do breakups and  they don’t dump you for other friends. When you’re down and out in a relationship, your friends are a great source of comfort. Go out and have a great time but don’t try to drown your sorrows.

 9. Start new activities

Go to the gym.

Work your body and your mind will become sharper. Train regularly since you now have all the time in the world to stay fit and in shape. Not only do you make yourself more attractive to others, you also get a good boost of self-confidence. And you never know who you are likely to meet at the health club.

10. Set your sights on finding your perfect partner.

You may have more breakups ahead of you but this is what life is all about.

How can you experience joy if you don’t know any pain?

Life is an ongoing experience which you will look back on with great amusement. Be open to all there is to offer. There is no shortage of partners. Be positive and you will attract the one for you.


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