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How to Get Through a Breakup

get over breakupDo you find it difficult to stay happy and positive when you’ve had a breakup and your partner has left you?

Here are 5 quick tips to help you get over a breakup and change from feeling lousy to feeling hopeful.

All it takes is a small shift in your vibration to allow a positive Law of Attraction to start working for you.

1. Accept the situation

Going through a breakup and accepting the situation doesn’t mean you like it. It just means that when you stop fighting against what IS, you immediately release tension and stress. Your mood will automatically lift. Then you’ll find solutions will flow to you. Accepting that this has happened doesn’t mean you stop wanting to get back together. Rather it helps you out of the negative cycle of self blame and self criticism and allows you to find solutions to either rekindling your love or moving on.

2. Be aware of your thoughts

Your thoughts can be positive or negative but they are not the problem. It’s when you believe your negative thoughts to be true that stress and tension arises. Try to sit for five minutes each day and just watch your thoughts. You don’t have to try and stop them or censor them or judge them. Simply observe them and allow them to pass away. As you do this you’ll find you react less to conflict and stress. And be less likely to harshly judge yourself about the breakup.

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3. Choose positive labels

A powerful way to overcome the influence of negative thoughts on your relationship is to start giving yourself positive labels. You might feel silly at the beginning but it really does work!
The best way to break a habit of self criticism is to create positive labels that you repeat to yourself often. You don’t have to even believe them when you start. Just say them and before long they become a new habit.

When you label yourself with terms such as weak, victim, survivor, warrior, fighter, or even hard worker; the universe has to send you situations and events that match your title and character.
When you choose labels like happy, blessed, loved, precious, entitled, beautiful, excited, eager, abundant, free, thoughtful, loving or attractive your affirmations attract your experience.

4. Be around positive people

Avoid anyone who likes to complain or has a negative view of life.
When you’re in a sad, unhappy state the last thing you need is someone else like this. Especially if you’re looking at getting back together after a breakup. Find happy, positive uplifting people to be around. Stop listening or reading about negative world events and only have positive messages appear in your Facebook newsfeed.
Keep yourself in a positive energy field that will raise your vibration.

5. Appreciate what you have

Appreciation is a powerful vibration to activate in yourself. Even if things are really bad you can still appreciate the sun rising each morning, the beauty of the sky, the stars, the birds the trees and flowers. Spend time outdoors and focus on all the beauty around you.

Yes… getting through a breakup is painful. But you have the ability to shift your mood.
You have the choice to focus on something that is positive and uplifting.
By taking the first step and deciding you want to feel better you are allowing the universe to bring you all that you desire.

Here’s a simple 4 step plan to get back together.

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