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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex BoyfriendBackRelationships require effort to make them happy and long lasting.

But what if efforts between you and your ex boyfriend to keep the relationship going have proven unsuccessful.

You’re still not sure what happened; you love him and he professed to loving you, but still things never seemed to go as you both hoped they would.

Now that you’ve been apart for a while and you’ve had some time to reflect, you wonder if there might be something you could do to win your ex boyfriend back.

Perhaps that something has to do with the way you think about things, and your overall attitude and outlook on life. You’re pretty sure that your ex boyfriend is the guy for you, so what do YOU need to do to get him back?

How do you get your ex boyfriend back?… here’s something different … focus on understanding yourself.

Understand the power of your thoughts

It isn’t about trying to change your ex in any way but it is about you becoming aware of your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Do you believe that all your happiness depends on this person loving you? Or that you will only find true love with this person? When you were in your relationship with your ex boyfriend, were you needy, fearful or insecure? All these feelings and beliefs generate a vibe that your ex consciously or subconsciously feels. If you fear your ex is going to leave you or you feel you don’t deserve to have him love you, then why would he possibly want to love you?

The great news about understanding your own thoughts and beliefs around your relationship is that now you have the power to change them!

As Byron Katie says…

Every stressful thought separates you from me.

So start now by working on your relationship with YOU.

Change your negative self talk and start finding ways to feel good about who you are and watch your self esteem soar.

How does the Law of Attraction help get your ex boyfriend back?

Well, the Law of Attraction is essentially a belief that things that are alike are attracted to each other, and more specifically, that one thought about a specific thing can either attract that specific thing or drive it away. This belief system is built on the premise that both people and thoughts are essentially vibrations and that like vibrations are attracted to each other.

Now before you dismiss this as too ‘out there’ or ‘airy fairy,’ there is great quantum science to back all this up.

On a practical level for you: if you have a thought about getting your ex boyfriend back and that thought brings feelings of happiness and joy then you know you are on the right track. But if that thought makes you feel sad or regretful or fearful then you know you have some more changes to make. Your positive feelings send out the vibration of attraction and your negative feelings send out a vibration of attraction too.

Remember you broke up with your boyfriend because in the past your thoughts and beliefs about the relationship were negative. Possibly even fearful, insecure and desperate You must change yourself and emit a more positive vibration. This happy, appreciative vibration then becomes like an instant magnet to attracting happy appreciative people into your life!

Now the big question.

Will this include your ex boyfriend?  Yes!  If he initially fell in love with you and was attracted to your loving vibration and that is your vibration again, then of course he will show up again in your life.

The secret to sparking the return of your lost love is to finally realise that instead of focussing all your attention on thinking about your ex, you focus your attention on thinking about YOU.

Try meditating for about 10 -15 minutes each day somewhere quiet and relaxing. Just notice the flow of your breath and let go wanting to make anything happen. Breathe in and as you breathe out allow any negative feelings to flow out through your heart. This little exercise will help put you in a more positive emotional state and gently shift your vibration as well.

Now you know that you always get the people showing up in your life who match your vibration, your only focus needs to be on feeling happy.

So there you have it. To get your ex boyfriend back is possible. It’s up to you.  Do it with an open heart and if in fact, this relationship doesn’t eventually work out, perhaps the Universe  has someone even more perfect just around the corner for you.

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