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How To Let Go of Self Limiting Beliefs That Ruin Relationships

disempowering beliefsIf you have any self limiting, disempowering beliefs about yourself, it’s time to drop them like a stone.


You know that if you want something new to come into your life, you have to let go of whatever is holding you back.

Even if you want to do something as simple as stepping into a different room, you have to leave the room you’re in. The problem with any transition is that it involves letting go, and we hate letting go more than we hate having our teeth drilled.

Letting go means we have to cope with loss, even if the thing being left is worse than the new thing. That’s why we hang on to toxic relationships, boring jobs, disempowering habits and limiting beliefs. It’s easy to hang on to what we know… even if it’s not for our higher good.

Here’s a wonderful letting-go exercise that will take anywhere from 2-10 minutes to do.

Do this every single day for 30 days and watch a miracle happen!

Go outside and pick up the first stone you see that fits in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smooth stone or a jagged one.

This stone represents a limiting belief or something else you’ve been hanging to for too long (job, relationship, belief, habit, addiction, etc.).

Choose what the stone represents. For example, the belief, “I’m not good enough.” Lame belief, wouldn’t you say? Isn’t it time to let that belief drop?

Squeeze the stone as hard as you can.

You picked it up. It’s yours now. Hang on as if it were a treasure.

This is what it was like when you first adopted the belief. You believed it. You accepted it. You let it become a part of you.

Feel the muscle strain and other sensations.

If it’s a jagged stone, there will be some pain as it digs into your skin. Either way – smooth stone or jagged stone – hanging on creates constriction in your hand, and keeps you from holding on to anything else.

Keep squeezing.

After a little bit, you won’t be able to maintain the force you did at first, but you still have a strong grip. After some time, your attention will wander and you will start to forget that you’re holding the stone. You may notice it when you think about it, but when you don’t think about it, it becomes familiar, forgotten and your hand “freezes” into that now-habitual position. It might feel that the stone has become a part of your hand.

So think about what you can do with this hand when you’re holding on to this stone.

Even if you loosen your grip you still have a handful of rock in your palm. You can’t hold anything else! You can’t do anything else with that rock there, that uncomfortable but familiar reminder of the past!

Does it feel good to hang on to this stone? Do you benefit from squeezing it? Or, is the effort more trouble than it’s worth?

Rotate your hand so your palm is facing up.

Open your fingers. Roll the stone around.

Notice any impressions it left in your hand (that represents the level of attachment you have to it).

The only reason it felt like part of your hand is that you chose to hang on to it.

Remind yourself that you’ll be free when you drop it… and do just that.

Turn your hand over and let the stone drop. For a moment, you will retain the memory of the way the stone felt, but soon the sensation will be gone.

Think about the fact that at some point, you picked up the stone. There was nothing wrong with you at the time. You were whole when you picked it up and you’re whole now that you’ve let it go. See? Nothing was lost except something that held you back.

Think about what you would rather hold in your hand – the keys to your new office? Your lover’s hand? A fistful of dollars? A warm puppy?

These desires, or what you would rather hold, represent your ideal life.

Imagine your hand reaching out and grasping what you want now that you’re free of that stupid rock!

Think about how easy it was to let it go. Now you have total freedom to grasp what you want!

Repeat this exercise as often as needed until you feel free of this disempowering belief.

Practice the dropping-stone exercise daily for a minimum of one month, and you will free yourself of this disempowering belief.

This belief may have served you in the past, but if it doesn’t serve you now, let it go.

Drop it like a stone.



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