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How to Relieve Anxiety About Your Break up

relieve anxietyWorrying is a natural human process that is designed to relieve anxiety.

When you worry, your mind is seeking a solution to your problems. However if you become pre occupied with worst case scenarios, you sap your emotional energy and solutions become less likely.

Do you spend a large part of your life ‘in your head’ and always thinking?

How about all the time you spend making mental lists of things to do?

And is there a lot of worrying, fretting and stewing about your partner and yourself?

What about all the comparing and criticising – of yourself and others?

You may be forever looking at what’s in front of you and dredging up memories of similar things from the past and feeling regret – or – looking at what’s in front of you and worrying about the future.

What if that horrible thing happens? What if he leaves me and we break up?

Are you in constant judgement – analysing things and deciding? ‘This is good. This is bad. I want more of this and less of that.

You may be a chronic worrier who cannot tolerate doubt or unpredictability.

Worrying may seem to be a way to control the outcome by predicting what the future has in store for you.

Unfortunately, this pattern of behaviour doesn’t work.

Continuing in this way means you are utterly unavailable to the present moment.

Research and many studies show that the happiest people are those that live in the present moment.

There are lots of techniques to relieve anxiety naturally. If you worry about a break up, here is one simple strategy I use to keep balance in my life.

Find a time and place in the day where you won’t be interrupted … just 10 minutes will do.

How to Relieve Anxiety Fast Technique

1. Sit. Gently close your eyes. Take five deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. As you breathe, focus on the breath. Concentrate only on the movement of air in and out.

3. Focus on the physical sensations of your body …. the pressure of your body  on the chair … your feet on the floor.

4. Keep breathing deeply.

5.  Scan down through your body and notice which parts feel tense and which parts feel relaxed. Tell any tension to go.

6.  Be aware of your feelings. What mood are you in right now?

7.  Place one hand over your heart. Inhale and as you exhale feel any negative feelings gently flowing out through your heart and dissolving in front of you.

6. Do this with ease and flow for five more breaths.

7. Sit a little longer and think of good things in your life, your friends, family, the good things about where you live. We all have good things in our life. The trick is to acknowledge them and then to appreciate them.

Now you are in the present moment and your vibration is positive.

Since it’s impossible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time, strengthening your body’s relaxation response is a powerful worry-busting tactic.

Can you imagine how different your relationship would be if you were more present to this now moment and able to let go your negative thought patterns?

Once you relieve anxiety symptoms, how different would it be for yourself and your partner?

Once you get out of your head and into your heart your positive vibration will not only relieve anxiety about a possible break up, lurking within, it will also allow the Law of Attraction to bring positive things to you.