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How to Relieve Stress Through Writing

Relieve stress through writingHave you ever heard about journaling? This old yet clever technique use to be called Dear Diary!

It’s the process of writing down your thoughts about what your day has been like and how you feel about what has happened.

Many people find this helpful  to relieve stress  but there is another powerful tool called focused writing that can have a significant positive effect on your overall health and state of mind.

This writing technique can help anyone with any type of relationship stress such as a break up or betrayal.

If you find yourself stressing about some relationship concerns, stop, grab a pen and notebook and try to write down your feelings. Hold nothing back.

This will release your emotional inner tension and allow you to become calm.

Take a further step to escape the stress in your life by consciously changing the negative thoughts you’re having. Try recalling some positive times and writing about them. Remember how happy you were and record those emotions.  Both types of writing will help you feel calmer once you put your feelings into words.

Many people are sceptical about how writing words on paper can help heal a whole range of emotions. But within only a few minutes of writing you can be sighing, smiling and feeling better. Through writing you are able to get in touch with many overlooked or repressed feelings and then when you least expect them, out pour memories, life lessons and future goals. Sometimes you even discover the ability to forgive and forget.

 Try these writing techniques and feel the relief that happens

Find a quiet time and a private place to write.

No radio or television, no phones interrupting or text messages demanding to be answered. Give your mind the time and space to think, relax, create and express. You are allowing space for your inner self to come forward and express your true thoughts and feelings.

Begin by choosing a prompt.

Want to relive happy memories? Then begin with ‘It was the best of times when…..’

Want to probe into past events? Use a prompt like ‘If I could relive one day and change the outcome, it would be the day……’

Include details and describe your feelings

Include colours, textures, sounds smells. Use all your senses and give the complete picture.

Let your mind transport you

You body only knows where it is when your mind tells it. To de-stress, put your mind in a calm and beautiful place and you will feel better.

This technique works equally well when you listen to a relaxing guided meditation. You follow the speaker’s voice and imagine being in a beautiful calm space and your mind believes you are there. You can try this yourself with a free guided meditation available here. [link to retrieve a lover ]

How do you feel after writing?

Did it help take your mind off negative thoughts? Do you still feel angry, hurt, upset?

Do you feel more acceptance, compassion or kindness? Did writing help you relieve stress and anxiety, even in some way?

Even if you have just moved your feelings from depression to anger or frustration, this is a positive step. It means a step up on the emotional, vibrational scale and allows more positive and helpful thoughts to now enter your mind.

As you repeat this writing process each day, you’ll be able to relieve stress more easily and find your heart opening naturally to all life offers.




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