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How To Save a Relationship and Rekindle Passion

Save a relationshipRemember the joy and happiness of your early days in your relationship.

Everything was so much fun.

You did things together, laughed, joked, loved and lived. Then, gradually, the passion died. There was less sharing, disagreements, angry words and angry thoughts.

Even the famous beautiful people can’t escape relationship breakdown.

Where did you go wrong?  How can you save a relationship from breaking up?

Why do so many relationships struggle and fail?

Humans are forever seeking more …that’s why we have colonized the entire planet and are now off into space.

So what is the answer for you and your struggling partnership?


A big part of life is forming relationships with others. Some will be simple friendships with friends both male and female. Some will be with work colleagues and others will be deep and meaningful. This is all part of the learning process to prepare you for the time when you find the love of your life.

Finding Love

Chemistry brings people together or if you understand the Law of Attraction, when your vibration (or the way you think and feel) matches that of another. Whatever happens, you know when it happens.

Then there is the honeymoon period when the skies are all blue with soft breezes and golden sunsets. That feeling of love permeates everything you see and do and life flows in abundance around you.

Then, as the relationship matures, and life presents you with lots of experiences, some challenging, you may find yourself disagreeing and arguing, often over nonsense.

A time may come when you come to the conclusion that you are left with no real choice but to break up and move on.

Time to Think

You have invested a lot of time and emotion with your partner…is break up the only option?

If you still have love for each other, can love be restored?

First, think long and hard and then ask yourself, “Do I want to save a dying relationship?”.

If you are prepared to give it a go, you have to be dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes You both have to be open and honest about the current state of your relationship and acknowledge that you want something more real and passionate.

How to save a relationship tips


This word can’t be repeated enough. Communication…communication….communication

If you want to save a relationship, communication is the most important variable to moving forward. Sometimes communication can be scary and become heated, but it is essential to the saving of your relationship.

Lack of communication could mean that your partner may not even be aware of the neglect or distance that you feel. Therefore, it is imperative that you communicate your needs and do so in a caring and understanding way.  Your partner’s needs are just as critical. “It takes two to tango!”   

Avoid confrontation, listen and express your needs and thoughts.


To save your relationship you both need to be fully committed to doing so. You must understand that the process may difficult and long, but still pledge to do whatever it takes. Relationships take work and every meaningful relationship goes through hard times. Persistence and commitment will ensure that the love never truly fades and the relationship always remains intact. Remember how your relationship felt when it was at its best and use this feeling to keep you motivated.

 You must devote time to the restoration process.

Busy schedules and constant workloads will leave your relationship neglected. However, by simply setting aside time for each other, you can strengthen your bonds and rekindle the passion. Make your significant other your only priority and spend time together.

Start dating.

Dating will help you fall in love all over again. Remember the fun you used to have and repeat the process.

 Explore together

One of the ways to save a relationship is to try new things and be open to new experiences. Remember that humans do get bored and we all thrive on variety and pleasant surprises.

A lack of passion normally comes from boredom or sometimes just becoming too comfortable. By spicing up your relationship you will increase the excitement and appeal of the relationship. Be daring and bold in the bedroom as well.

Be Patient

In order to save any relationship patience, focus and trust is required. Your passion can be reignited and it will just take a little time to rekindle the flame and bring back the initial spark that brought you two together. You have unwanted habits or thoughts to unlearn and let go and replace with a whole new set of thoughts and beliefs. It takes focus to save a relationship and bring back the love in your life, but your effort will be rewarded.

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