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How to Stop Worrying About Marriage at 30

stop worrying about marriage

Are you scared of being single forever?

Many singles in their late 20s are starting to panic. “I’m almost 30 and I’m the only single left in my circle! Everybody else is married and has kids already!” followed almost always by, “What’s wrong with me???”

It’s natural to want love and companionship and if the biological clock is ticking for you, it infuses the whole thing with even more urgency.

But remember …You Do Not Have an Expiration Date!

And here are 5 reasons to stop worrying about marriage…

1. Let go  ..

of the notion that you will become an “old maid” or a crazy cat lady just because you haven’t walked down the aisle by the time you’re 30. That’s just plain wrong, and it really messes with your self-esteem!

 2. Being in a relationship does not guarantee happiness…

Otherwise, how would you explain the 50% divorce rate? Love is wonderful but there’s more to life than being a wifey or hubby.

 3. Be grateful for what you already have, and for who you are.

Your life is already full, rich and meaningful – and honestly, if it isn’t, a relationship is not going to fix that. You have to be ready for a relationship and by that I mean an equal partnership, not a sugar daddy or sugar mama. The older you are when you marry, the more independent and self-assured you are. By the time “older” (and yes, I chuckle at that term) people marry, they are established in their careers, and have a strong sense of self that people who marry very young don’t develop.

 4. Look at the lives of your single friends.

Are they unhappy? Sure, there’s probably some commiseration going on about “still” being single, but then again;

a. they call the shots

b. they never have to compromise

c. they can do whatever they want

d. and they have the time and energy not only to nurture close friendships but also to become the best they can be.

Frankly, that’s the secret to finding love – become the most awesome, alluring, enticing, fascinating person you can be. Then love will come looking for you!

When you make the decision that you are whole and complete right now, and when you make the decision to start living your life to the max , then, as if by magic, you become irresistibly attractive!

5. “Older” couples are becoming the norm.

It used to be that people married in their early twenties, but now both men and women are delaying matrimony. The average age is 27 for women and 29 for men, and the numbers are affected by education and socio-economic status … the more educated and wealthy, the later the “I do.”

So, that’s the reality and it’s good news.

Marrying “older” isn’t a bad thing at all. Now, if you’re looking to start a family, the urgency is there, but again the way to attract “the one” into your life is to focus on yourself and to forget about worrying about marriage.

LIVE your life to the max and make yourself into the most wonderful person you can be and will attract the partner that is meant for you.


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