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How to Use Meditation Techniques to Restore Love in Your Relationships.

How to Use Meditation Techniques to Restore Love in Your Relationships.

Just arrived home after a rough day at work and your partner is also cranky and tired?

Before the situation spirals out of control and your relationship starts to deteriorate, use one of these simple meditation techniques.

This technique of watching your body breathe, helps slow your metabolism, deeply relaxes your nervous system and brings inner quiet and balance to your mind.

Your breathing is intimately connected to your emotional and psychological state… your vision of the world, the information you take in through your senses, your emotional reactions, memories of past experiences, and your imagination all have the potential to change the way you breathe.

Suppose, for example, that a letter arrives from the bank. It looks official. Short on funds this month, you worry that it is an overdraft notice. Your breathing quickens with anxiety as you open the envelope. Then with a sigh of relief, your breathing returns to normal as you see it’s an offer for a credit card.

By becoming aware of this connection between your breath and your emotions, you can start to recognise the early signs to becoming stressed and overwhelmed. And just by noticing how you are breathing can have an instant calming effect. Your breath is an instant guide to your emotional state.

Now if you arrive home from work, check before you walk in the door and notice how you are breathing. If it’s fast or shallow in anticipation of some coming relationship upheaval, just stop and take a couple of deep relaxing breaths.

 Use this meditation technique to instantly feel calm and relaxed.

  Read through the following and when you are ready, either lie down or sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin.

1. Start by feeling the rhythmic flow of your breathing. Focus on the sensations of your breath – the experience of emptying and filling… cleansing and nourishing. Soften the muscles in the abdomen and between the ribs.

2. After a number of minutes have passed, begin to pay attention to the transitions between breaths. Weave each breath smoothly and effortlessly into the next, gradually relaxing more deeply.

3. Let the breath flow at just the right pace for you – not too fast, not too slow. This will help you let go of the need to control your breathing in some way.

4. Maintain your awareness of breathing and relax your mental effort.

5. Gradually begin to sense that “ I am not the breather.” Your body  breathes…effortlessly. You are merely a witness, observing the gentle and automatic flow of your breath.

6. Continue for a number of minutes, softening your mental effort and allowing your nervous system to become deeply relaxed. Then when you are ready slowly bring your attention back to your surroundings.

You are now ready to interact with your partner from a place of peace and harmony. And when you practice this meditation technique regularly it will allow you to view your relationship with more compassion, love and acceptance.


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