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How Your Self Talk Keeps Your Lover Away

Self talkYour self talk has a lot to do with how easily you attract a partner or keep a lover away. One of the biggest problems people make is “stating the facts.”

Do You Tell These 3 Lies About Finding Love?

“All the good ones are taken”

“I’m too old (shy, fat, etc.) to find true love”

“I always get into a relationship with the wrong type.”

That might seem like “the facts” but it is in reality a command you are sending to your brain. You see, when you repeatedly say something to yourself, that statement starts to work itself into your subconscious mind, as a way of helping you interpret the world.

These beliefs about the world cause you to take certain actions, and experience certain results.

For example, if you constantly tell yourself, “I’m a great cook” then your actions will be aligned with what you think, and your dishes will be delicious.

But if you constantly tell yourself, “I can’t even boil water!” then predictably, your meals will be boring or downright terrible.

So it’s important to work on empowering and positive self talk if you’re going to allow the Law of Attraction to help you find your ideal mate. Here are a few suggestions:

How to attract your perfect match… use these simple steps

1. Never say, “All the good ones are taken.”

Aren’t YOU a “good one” who isn’t taken? Aren’t you worthy of being found by someone? Of course you are! This statement basically says that you don’t feel that you are good enough to attract your perfect mate. Instead, say, “I am a great catch and my perfect mate is looking for me!”

2. Never say, “I’m too old (shy, fat, etc.) to find true love.” You ARE precisely what your perfect mate is looking for. Contrary to what popular media would have you believe, we aren’t all looking for a stunning 20-something. Most of us want a connection with a real person – and it’s the person on the inside that shines, not so much the outside. The key is to accept yourself and be happy with yourself.

Yes, work on yourself and constantly strive for improvement, but be happy with yourself as you are. Your flaws, quirks and weird habits make you unique – and uniquely wonderful.

3. Never say, “I always get into a relationship with the wrong type.” I can guarantee that will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why put that thought out there at all? Why give that pattern a chance to repeat itself? How about RIGHT NOW, you stop that bullet train from zooming on to the next bad relationship. Instead, say, “I easily attract my ideal partner.” Be focused on what you want!

Say, “I am wonderful and unique! I love myself!” This positive thinking will allow the Law of Attraction to work. The one you seek will find you.

And, remember to keep raising the bar on yourself.

Challenge yourself to be better in every way – still loving yourself along the way, of course, but striving for excellence. This will raise you to the vibrational level of your ideal mate!

Remember always that your words have power. It’s been said that “words are things” – they literally have the power to create your reality, just by virtue of creating beliefs that then drive your actions.

The three examples above are common lies we tell ourselves about love.

Don’t perpetuate those lies.

Start telling a new story, right now.

Tell a story full of self love, positive self talk and a focus on what you want, instead of what’s wrong with the current situation!

Change your self talk and  you will change the way your brain operates.

Become aware and let the Law of Attraction find your perfect mate.



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