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Improve Your Love Life By Learning How To Love Yourself

love yourselfWant a new partner?
Are you looking to improve your love life?
Want your existing relationship to have more sparkle and fizz?
If your love life isn’t as you would like it to be, it is only because you hold self-defeating beliefs about yourself.  


How do you change these negative beliefs?

 Simple … just become aware of the self defeating beliefs you hold about yourself and let them go!

 Here are some true/false statements you can use as a starting point.

They will give you an awareness of your beliefs.

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers – this is a non-judgmental exercise in self-awareness. Answer honestly.

I am worthy of a happy, healthy relationship.

I am the kind of person my ideal mate would like.

I am insecure about certain personality traits.

I am beautiful / handsome inside and out.

I am intelligent.

I worry that I will never find someone.

I love myself as is, “warts” and all.

I don’t know what fate has in store for me.

I am talented.

I don’t make enough money to attract a great partner.

I have a strong sense of purpose.

I’m too old to find a great partner.

I feel whole and complete as I am – I do not need another person to “complete” me.

I love my life.

I own my choices.

I’m not that great of a catch. I have too much baggage.

I appreciate what I have.

I believe I will be happy when I am with my perfect mate.

Look at your answers. Think deeply about some of the negative beliefs about yourself that you are holding.

Now realize that your beliefs are only OPINIONS. They are not the truth. Opinions can be changed.

1. Your first step is to appreciate and love who you are.

Make a list of at least 25 things (and don’t stop there!) that you like about yourself, no matter how small. Ignore your flaws and focus on what you like about yourself … for example, your kindness, your punctuality, your ability to keep your car clean, your helpful nature, your hair, your lips, your faithfulness to your friends, your generosity, your integrity… come on, you are on a roll….keep going!

There is so much greatness in you! You just have to get used to seeing it and appreciating it.

You want your ideal mate to see it, right?

So BE it.

See your fine points and love yourself like you want your partner to love you.

2. Live your life.

Identify your big dreams and start working toward them, right now, no excuses, no “buts.” This drive will light your inner fire and make you irresistibly attractive. And in the process, you will push past any disempowering beliefs such as “I’m not worthy” and other such opinions.

DO NOT sit around and wait to start living your life until your perfect mate shows up.

It’s the living and loving of your life that will attract him or her!

3. Stop worrying about when and how you will meet this person.

You truly do not have to “put yourself out there” as if you were a puppy on display at the animal shelter. Simply take inspired action. If you have a strong feeling that today is a good day to hit the local coffee house… do it. Or if you’re invited on a group bike ride… do it. Be open!

Always remember that what the universe delivers is always exactly what you order, and your beliefs are the order.

Your subconscious beliefs are orders in that they are the energy that will always attract its likeness.

Now that you know all beliefs are nothing more than opinions, change the opinions that hold you back from your perfect mate.

Do this by loving and appreciating yourself, and BOLDLY living your life with passion, curiosity, purpose and joy.


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