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Is Sexting Your Boyfriend a Clever Thing to Do?

SextingA fun way young teens entertain their boyfriends these days is to send explicit or suggestive messages, photos and videos of themselves. This can be even done by cell phones and  is often described as sexting.

While sexting pictures of yourself, might seem initially to be fun thing to do to show your boyfriend how much you love him,  it can end up being quite foolish and dangerous.

Be aware that anything you send electronically can be easily saved and copied and then passed on.

Think how you would feel if your boyfriend showed his friends a picture of you in a scantily clad pose.

What if he sent on your email begging to take you back after a break up ?

Would mortified and embarrassed come close?

 Here are 4 reasons sexting photos is a bad idea

 You become the aggressor.

If you are the one sending the sexts then you are being aggressive and demanding. We all know that guys enjoy the thrill of the chase. They like to do the pursuing and to feel in control. When you are sending them photos it makes it too easy for them and the excitement dwindles. Also you’re insinuating that you have nothing better to do than stand on your bed and take shots of yourself. This sort of behaviour is immature and quite shallow. And if he lacks respect for you, there is a greater likelihood that your private display may go more public than you could imagine.

Responding to his sexts is not smart either as they can be used in ways that you haven’t agreed to.

 You lose your allure.

When you sext him you’re telling him that all that is on your mind is sex.

Not only that but you are implying that you want to have sex with him. It becomes too obvious that you like him too much. This is pushy and smacks of desperation. What a great way to encourage him to lose interest, break up with you and look elsewhere…taking your privacy with him.

You’re not showing any self respect

You want a guy to fall in love with your essence and soul. You don’t want to use sex or just your body to get a guy to like you. Try being more private and discreet and more protective of your reputation. Sexting sends the message that you are open for business – and that’s not what you want.

 There is the risk that your message will be misinterpreted

Even sexting done in a flirty, innocent way can get into the wrong hands.

How many politicians and celebrities have been undone by the records on their phone?

It’s best to be cautious and move slowly in your relationship. If your boyfriend expects things from you that leave you at all uneasy, forget him and break up. There are plenty of nice guys out there.

Finally, before sexting images or writing anything to a guy, ask yourself this simple question.

“Would I be comfortable with him having my pictures and messages if we were no longer dating?”

If the answer is “Ummm”, Don’t do it.