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Is Your Ex Really That Into You?

Is your ex really that into you?Some relationships break up slowly over a period of time and both partners realize it is time to make serious repair efforts or just move on. Others end with heated words, an argument, something one of you did or didn’t do and a slamming door and storming off.

When emotions have cooled and you are adjusting to single life you may think the break up was a big mistake that should never have happened.

Do you still like him and wouldn’t mind giving getting back together a try?

Has he contacted you?

Have you contacted him?

How can you tell if he wants to get back together with you?

If you’ve recently been in contact with your ex boyfriend through sending emails and texts and it hasn’t progressed any further, you really need to consider what is going on.

Have you sent a clear message that you want to get back together?

If the response is ambiguous from him, then the reality is not.

Have you read the book or seen “He’s Just Not That Into You”?

Your situation sounds like you are in a similar classic scenario.

Men who desire someone will pursue them, even if they’re shy or a game player. When a love interest is brave enough to show their feelings, they’ll reciprocate.

It would be rare for them not to, if they’re truly interested.

So if you have shown interest in restoring your relationship, but nothing has developed from this it may be time to close the door.

The fact that your ex isn’t responding to your advances should speak volumes. He might be open to restoring a friendship but not go back to being a couple.

Read the clear signs not the hopeful ones. If he wanted to be with you, or to ask you out you’d know it.

To make it easier for you, write down all the reasons your relationship didn’t work.

What part did you both play in the breakdown and how you weren’t a good match.

Paste that list onto your bathroom mirror or save it as a wallpaper on your computer so you see it daily.

There will be a period of loss, hurt and discomfort but this will slowly pass.

Then, transform the negative thoughts about your relationship into positive thoughts about what is ahead for you.

You want to be thinking fun thoughts about the present and future. Move forward rather than yearn back.

Get out and do things you enjoy. Try new activities. Join a club. Expose yourself to lots of experiences.

Think of the fun things you are doing and embrace all these new experiences. The more positive your mood and behaviour, the more positive things you will attract into your life.

You will meet new people and you will find new relationships and your break up with your ex will soon become a distant memory.


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