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Relationship Break up? Let your Intuition be your Guide

 breakup intuitionIs your relationship going through tough times?

Do you feel like you’re unsure about your current romantic relationship?

Do you spend time wondering about a relationship break up?

Are you struggling with “Should I leave this relationship?” or “Should I stay?”

You’re not alone. These thoughts and feelings are common in many relationships.

Here is simple break up advice to help you get connected with all the answers you seek.

Your intuition is speaking with you every minute, and all you need do is translate the language it speaks into messages you can understand.

The first step to accessing your intuition is to become aware of it.

Your brain has two sides.

The left brain is in charge of rational thought, logic, calculating and making decisions.

The right brain is the location of your intuition.

This side of your brain experiences emotions, senses, music, art and creative thought.

Many people get so used to just focusing on the left- brain functions that they forget to give the right brain a chance to speak.

Are you just too busy to have some fun in your relationship?

Are you always focussed on what your partner is doing?

Do you make time to listen to music, sit quietly, breathe, and let quiet into your life?

It is only when the left brain takes a break that your intuition can be experienced.

Once you quieten your mind you will start hearing the messages from your intuition.

There are four ways your intuition can send you messages.

Which way will you receive these messages?

Are you a visual person?

When talking to your partner do you use phrases such as ‘I see’, or ‘Show me’?

Do you prefer to read rather than listen? These are signs that your intuition may work best through colors, images, vivid dreams and things you see.

Are you a listener?

Do you listen deeply to music, play audio books and close your eyes to focus deeply on the sounds? Intuitive audio impressions come through as vibrations or voices of reason and guidance.

Are you a feeler?

Do you get chills or tingles at important times? Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Do you sense your partner’s moods? You will often want to talk about how a decision feels before you make it.

Are you a deep thinker?

Do ideas just seem to pop into your head? Ever think of your partner and next minute they call? Ever suddenly know something and wonder how you knew? This is your intuition talking!

Now is the time to start trying out your intuition.

Asking questions

Find a quiet place without any distractions and unclutter your mind. When all is calm, ask the simple question ‘Should I stay or should I leave this relationship?’

Breathe slowly and notice – what do you feel, see, hear or think?

Did you feel a tingle when you said stay or leave? Did you hear any buzz, ring or answering thought?

Go with any sensation – don’t try to dismiss, analyze or censor anything.

If nothing happened, that’s fine too.

Just go about your day and before you know it your attention will be drawn to something that represents an answer.

Maybe you’ll come across a book on rekindling the love in your partnership. Or you might meet a friend who has found a great counsellor to help with her relationship break up.

Just be open and allow your intuition to be your guide.

Don’t judge yourself and don’t be afraid to be wrong – the results will astound you.





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