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Saying I Love You is the Real Secret

I love you

When was the last time you said, I love you to your partner?

Did you truly and deeply feel that love, or did you say it mindlessly, just out of habit?

Those three little words are spoken so often when a relationship is new, but often less and less as the years go by. Some couples don’t express love verbally and to them, it doesn’t matter because love is expressed in other ways. But if saying I love you is important to you, have you dug down into why is it not being said?

I love you is the sweetest phrase you can utter… or hear.

If a daily dose of “I love you” is missing from your relationship… try giving it more.

Giving what you want, is the best way to receive it!

I love you strengthens your bond.

It’s a daily affirmation of your connection.

If your relationship is floundering or stale, step back right now and become aware of anything that is holding you back from saying I love you.

It’s a golden opportunity to put things back on track and forgive.., to repair your relationship and rekindle the spark.

If you’re not feeling particularly in love with your partner at the moment, and the feelings behind I love you are missing, ask yourself if you are choosing to see the worst, or the best, in your partner and in the situation.

Withholding love

And ask yourself if you are choosing to withhold “I love you’ for some reason.

You see, saying I love you will never, ever damage the relationship. It can only strengthen it, but the ego can very easily get in the way.

If you’re seething with anger, will an – I love you so much –  make things worse? Of course not.

It’s all in how you choose to see things – either from a loving perspective, or from a fearful perspective. Fear is what makes us do stupid things in the relationship.

Fear of rejection and losing our partner means we often unconsciously sabotage the relationship by not voicing our wants and needs for fear of losing our partner’s love.., and then living in resentment. Or, we may act in a controlling manner to avoid being left. Sometimes, we refrain from being kind and loving just to “get back at” our partner.. because we fear coming to terms with our own words and actions and we fear what it would mean to forgive.

There are many ways that fear rears its ugly head in a relationship, and only love can move past fear.

What is Love

Pure love means unconditional and complete acceptance of your partner (and yourself). It means you aren’t focused on your partner’s flaws and shortcomings, but on his or her positive attributes.

It’s loving each other for who you are, as is, in a passionate and affectionate desire to be together as partners in life.

Love is about being comfortable in your own skin and respecting yourself knowing that you are a complete, wonderful person. Your partner doesn’t and shouldn’t fill some void in you. It is respecting and appreciating your partner for the person he or she is, NOT your expectations. You do not complete or complicate each other; you complement each other.

Can you say I love you without any subtle overtones of “I wish you would change so that you better fit my expectations of you”?

Can you say I love you unconditionally?

If the answer is yes, the door is open for more love in your relationship.

Saying I love you and meaning it creates a positive shift in the dynamic of your relationship.

If your thoughts and emotions are loving, your words and actions will follow.

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