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Tips for Making New Moon Wishes

New moon wishesThe New Moon in Sagittarius happened on Dec 2.

This is the New Moon that will carry your wishes into 2014…….a huge time for planting the seeds of your desires.  Treasure-mapping is a perfect activity for a Sagittarius New Moon, which is about looking at the big picture of your life.

Also called a vision board, a treasure map magnetizes new possibilities into being. You can make one for something specific—such as a new home, relationship or job—or simply for something you want more of, such as peace, love or health.

The New Moon energy ties in with the Law of Attraction……what we expect is what we get.

When we partner with life, our yearnings and our wishes, do manifest … sometimes in very unexpected ways. Working consciously with the Moon brings opportunities for clarity, and for aligning ourselves with larger patterns.
New Moon wishes must be hand written on paper. The act of ‘pen to paper’ enables you to become clear and specific. Writing down goals and wishes is like placing a cosmic order to the Universe. The most potent time to write your wishes is within the first 9 hours of the exact time of the New Moon……you can also write them down  within 24 hours after.

It is important to write your wishes in the present tense, believe it is already so….feel the emotions of already having the things you want.

To trigger the actual ‘having’ of these things, you must stimulate your thinking and enhance your emotions about those thoughts….  only you know what you feel when certain imagery comes to mind. It is your emotional state that sends corresponding vibrations into the Universe matching what you wish to attract into your life.

It is strongly suggested to write up to ten wishes. By writing down several wishes, it works to activate the energy of the New Moon. The most potent method is to write several wishes on specific issues or areas you want to shift.

You can also create wishes with a focus in the areas of life ruled by the sign the New Moon is in.

Some of the themes for a Sagittarius New Moon are –

  • vision for the future
  • boundless enthusiasm and optimism
  • get interested in other cultures
  • speak your Truth
  • travel adventures
  • focus on goals that will increase our understanding and awareness
  • give us courage to expand our horizons
  • take some classes or workshops
  • trust in life’s unfolding
  • pushing at the edge of what’s possible
  • spiritual searching
  • create freedom in relationship

Enjoy the journey of manifesting your heart’s desires on a monthly basis!