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Using the Law of Attraction for Love

law of attraction for loveAre you sabotaging your chances for meeting “the one”?

It’s not something a single person wants to think about.

We’re taught to visualize our ideal partners, to imagine being with the person we love and to say empowering affirmations.
And if that’s what you are doing, great. You’re on your way.
But have you taken the time to figure out why you haven’t been successful in attracting your perfect mate?

You are awesome, after all. Oh, yes you are.
Go look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are and how much you love yourself.
If you don’t want to do this, if you don’t love yourself unconditionally, it’s a major block to love. I’m not talking about arrogant, self-absorbed narcissism but about good, healthy self-love.
We attract not what we think, but what we ARE.

The Law of Attraction IS always at work. It is attracting what you are vibrating.
You’re probably thinking that you have to change somehow, to make yourself more appealing.
While it’s true there may be room for improvement (nobody is perfect), flaws, (to some extent at least), are what makes people unique and interesting!

What is really the most attractive quality you can radiate?
LOVE of course.
And there’s only one thing you have to do in order to activate the Law of Attraction with the right vibrational information, and that’s to love yourself more.
The most essential component of attracting your perfect partner is the measure of self-love you possess. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot unconditionally love others and you unconsciously embody self-sabotaging behaviors.

Are any of these familiar?
1. Trash-talking yourself (saying you don’t deserve, you can’t, you’re no good, etc.)
2. Destructive habits (procrastination and lack of self-discipline.)
3. Poor boundaries (saying yes when you mean no, etc.)
4. Habitual negativity (complaining, judging, blaming, etc.)
5. Poor self-care (nutrition, exercise, sleep)
6. Poor decision-making (not with your best interests at heart)
And, in general, a sour or victim attitude toward life.

So, ask yourself,  “What am I vibrating?”

A lot of love … some love … no love?
Be honest with yourself and admit to some of these behaviours you recognise. Look deeply! You may be doing this unconsciously! These habits may be so ingrained in you that they feel normal and you have become unaware of them.
It’s time to show yourself some love and by doing so, naturally improve certain self-defeating habits, raise your vibration… and then enjoy having love come into your life.

Here are some ways to use the Law of attraction for love;love quote

1. Say yes. TO YOU.

Say yes to your passions, dreams and goals. Yes to “me time.” Saying yes to yourself feels good and it doesn’t have to take away from your responsibilities to others. Donate 15 minutes exclusively to yourself every single day, no matter what. Most days you’ll be able to give yourself more, but make it a non-negotiable priority to do something nice for yourself every day.

How does this makes the Law of Attraction work for you? You will be happier, more energetic, more enthusiastic, calmer, kinder, more positive and more productive. Who wouldn’t want to be in a loving relationship with this wonderful person?

2. Choose well.
Every day you make choices. Some choices seem insignificant, but they add up. Notice the choices you make every day (especially become aware of habitual choices such as procrastinating, overeating, talking yourself out of exercises or out of working on your dreams, etc). Train yourself through diligent and consistent repetition to change self-defeating habits so that you automatically make better choices.

How does this makes the Law of Attraction work for you? With the right habits in place, you will automatically improve your life and this makes you confident and confidence is sexy.

3. Say no.
It may feel loving and kind to always say yes to others but if it drains you or makes you unhappy and resentful, you won’t give a genuine wholehearted effort and nobody wins in the end. When you’re asked to do something, consider whether it’s a win-win. Does everyone benefit? Do you benefit (from feeling GOOD about it)? Do you feel the love when you’re doing it? You have a right to put yourself first and not always say yes to your boss, kids, friends or family.
If you feel the love and it’s a win-win, say yes. Otherwise, a no is better.

How does this make the Law of Attraction work for you?

You’ll be happier, less stressed, more able to give and more joyful when you give.

And imagine just how powerfully attractive you will become, and how effortlessly you will use the force of the Law of Attraction for your benefit!


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