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What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

What are the health benefits of yoga?Yoga can extend your life expectancy by lowering high blood pressure while meditation could reset your biological clock.

In fact the health benefits of yoga even extend to improving, reversing or eliminating such conditions as asthma, diabetes, constipation, insomnia, joint pain, stress and fatigue.

A study by the University of Pennsylvania has found that yoga can reduce your blood pressure as well as your chances of dying young.

Previous studies have also found that yogis have a younger biological age if they include regular meditation in their regime.

The latest finding is good news because something that can lower your blood pressure will also help lower your risk of a heart attack.

High blood pressure is one of the main risks for cardiovascular disease and according to the National Heart Foundation of Australia, one in three Australians aged 30-65 years have been told by a doctor that they have high blood pressure.

Folks in western society are prone to high blood pressure because of the daily stresses encountered.

There are stresses of finance, family relationships with children and parents.

Then there’s all those people who shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars.

What about politicians, the office pressures, an overflowing email in box,  bosses, customers, co-workers ….. You will know you have blood pressure problems if you get road rage or regularly want to choke the life out of your co workers or spouse or sometimes you just want to hit something.

A simple solution is yoga. Whenever you feel stress, you can bring everything back to calm within seconds.

All these physical benefits are fantastic by themselves, but there is also a much more profound benefit from a regular yoga practice: The ability to control and master your thoughts. Your body reacts to each one of your thoughts. Your mind gives instructions to the millions of cells in your body. Every thought you think is an instruction from the head of your system, your brain, to its millions of subjects, the individual cells. And the cells obediently respond.

With a yoga practice you can gain control of these thoughts and gain peace of mind, which in turn gives harmony to the body, good health, balanced weight and increased energy. Through control of your thoughts you gain control of your body, your emotions and your life. And if you are happy and at peace with yourself, your relationships with all your family and friends will reflect this.

A little bit of Eastern wisdom will make all the difference between you being calm, relaxed and content or stressed, irritable and unable to enjoy your life.

With the health benefits of yoga so easily accessible, what are you waiting for?

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