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Will I Ever Find Love? Clear Your Chakras

will i ever find loveThere’s no feeling more wonderful than being in love.
It’s exhilarating, sweet, exciting, warm… and it’s no fun to even think about that if you’re single…
It’s easy to think that all the good ones are taken … (they’re not). It’s easy to think you’re somehow not good enough … (you are).
But did you know that you might be blocking love from coming to you?
You may have energetic blocks to finding love.
So let’s explore that by looking at your chakras.
Chakras are energy centers in the body, through which essential life force energy flows. If there are blockages in any of these centers, various aspects of your life will suffer. The suffering can come in the form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems.
Energy flows like a river.

The seven chakras are like port cities along the river.

Negative emotions, negative thoughts, environmental pollutants and various toxins cause blockages in the free flow of energy. These blockages result in stagnant and overabundant energy upstream, and insufficient and depleted energy downstream. Basically, both upstream and downstream suffer!
If your energy is blocked in any of your lower four chakras, while you lips are saying, “I like you”, you might be vibrating “Leave me alone!” .
Usually, chakras are cleared from the crown chakra down to the root chakra. But since you’re trying to attract or rekindle love in this life, here on Earth, you’re going to work only from the heart chakra down to the root chakra.

To attract LOVE into your life, we begin by clearing the heart chakra.
If your heart chakra is blocked, you find difficult to give or receive unconditional love. If you’re tied to a past relationship, or if you didn’t get a lot of love as a child, you might have a block here.
Wear or surround yourself with the color green. The most effective way to clear the heart chakra is through a forgiveness meditation:
“I open my heart to Love through forgiveness. I now forgive and release all pain, known and unknown, from levels of my being, through all times and through all dimensions of space.”
Forgiveness is important because it’s YOU who is carrying the energetic burden, not the perpetrator of the injustice or unkindness.

Next, we move downward to clear the solar plexus chakra.
solar plexus chakra
This is the desire-manifesting chakra. It’s the seat of your self-esteem. Low self-esteem keeps you from approaching someone you find attractive. Confidence is sexy! Opening your solar plexus chakra will help you let someone know you’re interested, and to strengthen an existing relationship.
To open the Solar Plexus chakra, wear or surround yourself with the color yellow and adopt a power stance like Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man ….. stand with your arms and legs spread, chest out, chin up. While in this stance, affirm, “I love myself.”

The sacral chakra is next.
It is the center of emotions and sexuality, and the emotional baggage stored here such as low self-worth and beliefs like “nobody wants me, nobody loves me”… MUST be cleared out.
To open the sacral chakra, wear orange and surround yourself every day with beauty. Slow down and appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Look for beauty and goodness even in the unlikeliest places. You’ll naturally start to pick up on that vibe and embody it – let it translate to appreciation of yourself. Affirm self-love as you appreciate the beauty around you: “I appreciate and love the beauty I see in everything, everyone and in myself.” This will help make love and appreciation part of your vibration.

let love flowNow, it’s time to clear out the root chakra.
This is the seat of your basic instincts and connection to others. If you feel you don’t deserve love, this energy center has to be cleared! A closed or blocked root chakra doesn’t let you enjoy your life experience because you’re hyper-focused on your basic survival needs.
To clear the root chakra, “root” yourself to the Earth by spending as much time as you can outdoors, and if possible, barefoot. Participating in a sport also clears the root chakra, since this chakra is associated with physical activity. Wear red, and do this wonderful rooting exercise.
Stand barefoot (if possible) outside on bare earth with your feet shoulder-width apart. Very slightly bend your knees. Evenly distribute your weight over the soles of your feet. Very gently, shift your weight back and forth, feeling the different contact points on your feet. Come to a centered position. Feel yourself grounding or becoming part of the earth. Remain there for a few minutes, while affirming, “I am lovingly connected to the Earth and all life on it.”

Finally, to put the whole picture together, to embody the free flow of energy within you, have fun.
There is so much to this life experience! So much to explore and enjoy… so do it! You don’t have to become a world traveler. Just seek out interesting things in your immediate area and become lover of life.., less concerned with the daily grind than with the full experience of life.
Live your life!
Don’t just exist! Explore and develop your talents. Do what makes your heart sing. Do what you want with your life. Live it to its highest potential! That zest for life makes you irresistibly fascinating and attractive!

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