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Happy Healthy RelationshipsHappy Healthy Relationships provides a platform for you to share your ideas, experiences, teachings and products to an inquisitive and enthusiastic audience of readers.

As well as featuring high profile authors, we also want to feature new talent whoever you may be – professional, non-professional, young, old … anyone who loves to write with a positive message.

If you have something that you think our readers can relate to, learn from and be inspired by and will help improve their relationships in some way, then we would love you to send it to us.

The Process Is Easy

  1. Set up or edit your Google+ account. It’s free. To copyright your content, please add “happyhealthyrelationships.com” to the “Contributes to” section of your Google+ account . This also helps your SEO and ours. For instructions click here.
  2. Complete the bio form.
  3. Submit your post.

Please take a moment to read through our guidelines before using our submission form (in the right column) to get on our publishing calendar as soon as possible. First time contributors, be sure to scroll down and read the Important Information for First Time Contributors.


1) Original content! We love our content to be original and exclusive to Happy Healthy Relationships. However, we do accept content that has been previously published but modified and updated for our readers.

2) Word count: Between 500-800 words. Please include the word count in your submission email.

3) Tone: Choose your own unique voice and tone but try to write it with a positive outlook, something that readers can relate to and be inspired by.

4) Edit your article before sending it to us! While we’ll always run our eyes over your article to ensure there are no typos, we advise you to thoroughly check it first. The easier and better presented your article is, the more likely it is to get published.

5) No sales pitch please: We can’t accept posts that include a sales pitch or reference products (either the author’s or a third party but we are more than happy to link to your website).

6) Topics: The average Happy Healthy Relationships reader is looking for solutions to their problems. They want happier relationships, and are looking for ways to achieve this. So please relate any topic you are writing about, back to this idea. eg  4 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Relationships. Topics can include relationships, dating, self help, happiness, Law of Attraction, yoga and meditation, sex and developing positive habits in all aspects of life.

7) Our demographic includes an approximately equal number of male and female readers who are aged between 20-45 years old.

8) Bio: Please provide a short 3-4 sentence biography and photo of yourself. We are also happy to showcase your website (or to your Facebook or Twitter account) in the bio section.

9) When it comes to content and style, our audience best responds to “How To” style guides and lists – for example, “5 Simple Steps To Find your Soulmate” – rather than essays or personal stories. So when writing your article, start with a good catchy intro, then get straight to the point and break any tips or advice up into lists, subheadings or bullets. It should be easy to read and understand.

10) Please include any resources that you specifically refer to or quote from in your article.

11) Once your post is published, we would love you to share your post with your friends via email, your website and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Article Submissions

All submissions to Happy Healthy Relationships are via our Submit an Article form.

Important Information for First Time Contributors

 Google+: All contributors are required to have a Google + Account.

Remember to list happyhealthyrelationships.com under “Contributes to” in your profile and provide us with the link to your G+ as described in our instructions.

Your G+ account needs to have a photo image that will be used as your contributor photo.

(Get more information on setting up a Google+ Account )