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Your Love Life and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

scorpio solar eclipseAre you feeling the intensity lately?

Are you emotional, obsessive, out of whack and don’t know why?

It could very well be the solar eclipse in Scorpio.

Well, grab a cup of tea and let’s find out what dance the planetary energies are doing now.

We entered Scorpio territory on Oct 23.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn are all lined up on the Scorpio dance card … now add the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3, which triggers the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square, and you can see that it’s quite a power house of change and transformative energy going on now.

So what does all of this mean?

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto (passion and power) and is the natural ruler of the 8th house in astrology –  representing other people’s money, debt, taxes, sex, taboos, death, change and transformations which are sometimes forced upon us. Often with 8th house matters, we find ourselves in a place that feels like we must leave the old ways behind in order to herald in the new.

Eclipses signal what we need to change … they are a rebirth. They usually represent a time of beginnings and endings. A Scorpio Eclipse can bring out buried, deep emotions that may have been secretly building inside for a long time – opening up the possibility for deep personal development.

Be alert to triggering conflicts now, especially with people that have kept their feelings bottled up.

Over the next few weeks you may be surprised by the intensity with which you are encountering life.

Explore the deeper issues of empowerment and control in your life.

Where do you give your power away?

Where do you seek control and power over others?eclipse
At this Solar Eclipse, you will be forced to grow up big time. The Moon is making an aspect to Saturn which relates to your responsibilities and your duties. It is also about taking responsibility for your life and what goes on in it. That means taking responsibility for all the unpleasant things that you like to blame others for.

Saturn is the reality planet… and in Scorpio things could look and feel serious.

If things look bleak, hang in there! Sometimes Saturn’s gift takes awhile to unwrap. The energy of Saturn is slow and deliberate, and its influence is associated with conditions that feel like they are dragging on forever. It is important to remember Saturn also has a grounding effect…..and once we begin the initial transformation process, Saturn may give us great strength, fortitude and the ability to plough through the obstacles that may be blocking our success.
Venus enters business-minded Capricorn around November 5, so Love and Duty will go hand in hand. You might find your love life becoming a bit more serious and practical.
As we move forward into late November-December, Saturn will trine with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, helping us to bring stability and positive results into our lives.